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MMA Equipment – The Fundamental Aspects. Is It Possible to Have Own MMA Gym at Home?

If you’re thinking about becoming an MMA player (whether it’s for amateur or professional level), you need to be meticulous and careful when selecting your equipment. Sure, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to improving your performance, but owning the right MMA equipment is going to make the whole process easier for sure. From the MMA gloves to the shin or groin guards you need for your MMA training, there are plenty of pieces of equipment to buy and use!

Along with your MMA shorts, punching bag, and jump rope, you need gear for protecting both you and your training partner, so keep reading down below.

What is the essential gear for your MMA training?

No matter which sport you’re planning to practice, being meticulous and organized is going to get you far. Therefore, here’s the list of equipment you need for your MMA training:

• MMA gloves

When you practice MMA, your hands are going to have to take a lot. You must protect them at all time. They may not ensure 100% protection though since MMA is as one of the most harmfull sports in the world. The risk for injuries is high in MMA, and sometimes you cannot avoid them. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try your best. A good pair of leather MMA gloves is going to protect you better than no gloves at all. Make sure that the gloves also provide fantastic wrist protection. Check the size guide before placing your order as well.

• Mouthguard

You don’t typically need a mouthguard when practicing alone, but it’s the first gear when practicing with another fighter.

• Shin protector

Even though shin is seen as one of the most robust bones in your body, tough sports such as MMA may cause injuries since it’s the most exposed bone during a fight. Shin guard is going to protect the shin from anything minor like scratches to something more serious, such as fractures. Many trainers don’t allow leg kick practice unless you’re wearing a shin protector.

• Groin protector

Just like the mouthguard, you only need the groin protector when fighting with someone else. It’s better that you try various models so that you figure out which one works the best for you. Many athletes like the compression shorts since they come with a pocket for the cup. When you don’t have to wear the cup, you take it away and place it in the pocket.

What about MMA apparel?

Even though MMA apparel isn’t going to protect you from injuries, you still want to use good quality. Not only that you need enough, but you never want to roll into something that smells, or it’s sweating too fast. It’s wise that you have two pairs of clean MMA shorts and t-shirts in the gym bag all the time.

Don’t forget to get a rash guard, which allows you plenty of flexibility and freedom of movement. Typically it’s made of spandex or Lycra, helping you perform better and smoother. Good rash-guards are tear-proof thanks to the long-lasting fabric, and they’re made for the abrasive sports like MMA. Don’t hesitate to check some of the best options at the moment at Good quality rash guards like the ones in the selection are made with spandex, absorbing sweat and presenting a minimal risk for slippage.

Is it possible to build your MMA gym at home? Why do it?

When you know that MMA is life, you should step up your game and build your own MMA gym at home. It depends a lot on where you live and how crowded your house is. Having an MMA gym at home spares you the trip to the gym, and lets you practice as much as you want.

Here are some suggestions about where you can build an MMA gym at home:

• The garage

The garage is the perfect space for all sorts of training, no matter if its BJJ or MMA. With the majority of garages providing enough space to place a couple of floor mats and a heavy bag, the garage is the most obvious and functional choice at home. However, it depends a lot on whether you need to park your car inside the garage or not.

Here’s why you should do it:

• It provides generous space for MMA training
• You may open/close the garage door according to your needs
• Nobody will bother you

The main downside remains the parking of your car, especially for wintertime.

• An extra room

Should you be lucky enough to have an empty room in the house, you should use it for making an MMA gym at home. You can easily display several floor mats and even a home boxing rugged bag station for your practice. Not all heavy bags require hanging from the ceiling, so there are ways to do it.

Let’s see the pros for this scenario:

• You can find heavy bags that don’t require hanging from the ceiling
• The extra room already has carpeted (hopefully), which provides more padding for your practice
• It’s in the house!

As MMA practice may get loud at times, you may disturb your family, so make sure you are in good terms with them before making the MMA gym.

• The living room

It’s the least recommended option, and you should only consider it if nothing else works for you. If you make the MMA gym inside the living room, the chances for practicing every single day are going to be higher.

With most living rooms being rather small for an MMA gym, you may want to try another option, though.

• The porch/patio

Exercising in fresh air is fantastic and fabulous for your health. If you live in an area with a warm climate, you should take the patio/porch into consideration. Many professional MMA fighters believe that training in real weather elements improves your performance and benefits your stamina as well. You should go ahead and take a look at the porch to see if it’s doable for you.

You don’t sacrifice any space nor room when installing the MMA gym on your patio/porch. With everyone praising the benefits of training in the elements, this solution is ideal for anyone leaving in a warm climate.

However, the porch/patio may not provide the most generous space for your MMA gym, but it can work if you’re determined enough.

One last suggestion

Now that you know the bear minimal MMA gear you need and the solutions to try for making your MMA gym at home, time and money are the only things missing from the picture. As you need both time and money for gear and the MMA gym at home.

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