PFL 5, Professional Fighters League

PFL 5 (Photo by Tim Stype)

MMA: The Highs And The Lows

Anyone with a sound mind understands that in competitive sports, you either win or you lose, or draw, which is not that bad compared to losing. However tough, or skillful, or smart you are, it’s inevitable not to go through a rough patch in your career.

However, some teams and individuals tend to win more than they lose because they work extra hard and they have the confidence and determination to back it up. But what happens then, when your confidence turns into self-doubt?

And more dull days get added to your calendar? Sure, you can try your luck out at the top Danish casinos to play better, but we know that it isn’t what you should be looking at for the longer run.

MMA: Teaching You to Fight Against All Odds

Everything can change in an instant, leading you down to vulnerability and desperation. Almost to the point of no return!. Most MMA artists and promotion companies can’t seem to avoid the occasional beatdown of bad business and uncountable streaks of being everyone’s punching bag in the Octagon.

Well, it happens to every single one of us, sire.

Now plunging deep into the situations surrounding MMA, the UFC seems to have a lot in their plate recently. Besides that Fox had abruptly cancelled the UFC’s PVP’s, we are seeing fighters refusing matches and some going away for injury and not defending championships for long periods of time. It is definitely bad for business because title matches are one of the few ways the UFC brings in profits.

UFC fights perhaps no longer have the charm as they did before, and that does make us ask as to what’s going on.

UFC Fighters: Not as Great as Before?

Some UFC fighters have been losing their minds and getting physical outside the cage, making the headlines and inarguably taking photo shoots at the police station. The stunts are bad for UFC’s business, and some fighters complain about low wages while grinding as hard as they do to keep the promoting company afloat. The UFC’s quality, in general, has also gone down, which gives critics the advantage to slander the company even more.

About ten years ago, when the UFC had two strikes, the UFC introduced ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ challenge which helped take the company back to a safe spot. But fans are not overly satisfied by the performance of fighters on The Ultimate Fighter challenge.

Other UFC fighters have quit the company for other promotions in hopes of better careers and even better pay. If the UFC does not try to get things back in order, their plane may be headed for a nose-dive.

Besides the UFC having shortcomings in its delivery and finding it hard to control its fighters both on and off the cage, it’s still the biggest promoter of MMA, and probably the top grossing.

Do you still watch the UFC fights? Who is your favorite now? Let us know in the comments below!

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