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The report from Mort on Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship – Mort Goldsmith

There are not many more qualified individuals to give you their take on combat sports than Mort Goldsmith.  Mort has seen it all as an official for the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission.

Recently he took the road trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming to see first-hand what the newest addition to combat sports would be like.  Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship held the first sanctioned bare knuckle boxing match in the state’s history.  Something that many athletic commissions have strayed away from, Wyoming took a chance and it seems to have paid off very nicely.

The arena sold out to capacity, there were  a tremendous amount of PPV buys for an inaugural event, and the fans and fighters couldn’t get enough.  Bare Knuckle Boxing was #2 trending in the Twitter world on the night of action.

Mort fills us in on all of the details and why he thinks this is the beginning of something big.  I could hear the joy in his voice.  Please listen in below to our interview to one of the nicest, most knowledgable men in the business.


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