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MyMMArijuanaChronicles: “Big Lonn” talks High Rollerz 4

High Rollerz are back and to say they’re better than ever, would be an absolute understatement! “Mighty” Matt Staudt and “Big Lonn” Howard have revolutionized the concept of competitive grappling.

High Rollerz is the first JiuJitsu competition of its kind, basing its ruleset and prizes that encourage the use of cannabis. High Rollerz 4 takes place February 5th-6th in Las Vegas, Nevada at High Rollerz HQ and will air on Pluto TV on February 12th. Jiu-Jitsu standouts worldwide will be throwing down on the HQ mats to compete for a chance at HR gold, as well as the coveted stash of herbal bliss! Howard and Staudt have been successfully bringing in cannabis powerhouses worldwide to take part in their 4th event. Khalifa Kush, Raw, Cookies, BReal, Royal Blunts, and so many others are happier than ever to sponsor these world-class Jiu-Jitsu practitioners athletes that merely want to compete in a non-judgmental, comfortable, and fun atmosphere.

As the masses continue shifting toward the acceptance of cannabis as a form of alternative medicine in modern society, more athletes have become vocal about their support for the plant. A lot of the general population have finally opposed the dated taboo concept of the natural plant being considered a “gateway drug”.

“They need to know that stoners are NOT lazy,” Howard says. “Stoners are not some f*ckin dumbasses.” Continuing to detail how the High Rollerz staff and their competitors “are a bunch of active stoners! You can bring your ass out here and find out how active we can get,” Howard says with conviction.

With an overwhelming influx of competitors interested in competing for the High Rollerz, the first-ever cannabis-friendly Jiu-Jitsu promotion fusing music, cannabis, and of course, competition. Many world-class athletes ranging from UFC champions, BJJ blackbelt world champs, to the savage white belt are chomping at the bit to take part in such a fresh perspective of competing.

High Rollerz 4 will feature the revealing of the “HMF belt” (Highest Mother Fucker) as Jake Shields and Diego Sanchez are set to compete for the HR Gold. The black and gold High Rollerz strap will be on the line for the black belt superfight taking place between “The Kevin’s,” Howard says. 10th Planets, Kevin Berbrich and Morumbi Jiu Jitsu’s, Kevin Crane are set to face off in a rubber-match as both competitors split wins over the other. “The purple belts and lower” are competing for the High Rollerz black and nickel belt.

Wish such a fantastic reception of High Rollerz as a whole, owners “Big Lonn” Howard and “Mighty” Matt Staudt will continue spearheading their dream to normalize cannabis and competing, tirelessly. “What I can make 100% official right now is, we are NOT gonna stop,” Howard insists with an authoritative grin widely spreading across his face.

Tune in above as MyMMANews catches up with the High Rollerz, “Big Lonn” Howard, and “Mighty” Matt Staudt as they preview High Rollerz 4. They talk about the event, give us a virtual tour of HQ, and discuss the future. Spark up and settle in for another edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles!

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