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MyMMArijuanaChronicles ft. Elias Theodorou: Colorado Combat Club 10

On December 18, Elias Theodorou will make MMA history once again, being the first professional athlete to compete in the United States with a Therapeutic Use Exemption for medicinal cannabis. It will be the first ever bout on American soil with an in-competition with a sanctioned athlete holding a T.U.E (Therapeutic use exemption) for medical cannabis.

Theodorou, the first-ever Canadian winner of the television hit series, The Ultimate Fighter has dedicated his combat career to “Fighting the Stigma” that comes with cannabis and it’s users. Coming off an impressive win over UFC veteran-Matt Dwyer where he utilized his TUE in Canada, Theodorou will be facing off against crafty Bellator veteran, Bryan Baker (18-5) in a middleweight bout. Theodorou vs. Baker’s bout will serve as the main event at the stacked, year-end, Colorado Combat Club 10 fight card.

Theodorou has dual duties in this outing being a fighter and ambassador for medical equality. Stating, “I’m a mixed martial artist, I love what I do but this is also an opportunity to kind of go beyond,” explains Theodorou. “Dare I say, ‘transcend’ beyond even mixed martial arts. Theodorou adds, “it (his fight against cannabis stigma) helps boxers as well, amateur and professional,” he explains. However, first and foremost there’s a task at hand and that task at hand is my opponent and I’m really excited to take on another veteran like myself and someone who I think can bring a great show,” Theodorou says. “I’m looking to put on one hell of a fight for the fans!”

“Validating my US Colorado TUE for cannabis with a fight and finish will officially stamp my place in American sporting history as the first sanctioned cannabis athlete,” Theodorou says. Continuing, “This is a precedent not only for myself but for other athletes in Colorado and other states, which in turn can create a wave of opportunities for other athletes to apply for the same right to medicate with cannabis in competition.”

Committed to his cause, Theodorou has been on a path, fighting for his medical equality for quite some time. A win over Baker could serve as his “knockout punch” to set a new precedence on how cannabis is viewed in sports. “I’m really looking forward to helping other athletes that need cannabis, get their own therapeutic use exemptions moving forward and again, continue to break down those barriers not just for myself but for others, as well.”

Tune in above as Elias Theodorou visits MyMMArijuanaChronicles, once again to talk all things cannabis! He discusses why this fight is so important to him and his cause, how he’ll celebrate the holidays-post fight, and how he plans on taking out Bellator veteran, Bryan Baker.

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