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MyMMArijuanaChronicles: Jesus “Chavo” Martinez

Philadelphian MMA staple and Bellator veteran, Jesus “Chavo” Martinez is as raw as they come. Some may see Martinez as rough around the edges. However, getting to know the former Bellator middleweight, you’ll find a family-oriented, dedicated black belt and passionate coach that puts his all into his students’ success.

“Chavo” Martinez grew up in the “war on drugs” era. In those days, without much scientific research backing the cannabis plant, most viewed the natural herb just as harmful as any other street drug (cocaine, heroin, etc). Martinez, like most, heeded the government warnings, not knowing any better and to avoid any improper justice that may come with it.

Given the impression, he grew up on. Martinez didn’t tamper with cannabis until 2016. At this point, scientific breakthroughs at every turn were indicating the natural healing capabilities of the plant. The CBD market erupted in the mixed martial arts scene and fighters were seeing benefits outside of a “high.” Once Martinez saw first hand how his recovery time reduced and his mind wasn’t constantly in a race against itself, he knew he found a form of natural therapy. “Everything slowed down,” Chavo says. As well as helps the Philadelphian native “compartmentalize” his never-ending list of ongoing tasks.

Looking back, Martinez has no regrets about his fighting career. However, he hints that the losses on his record wouldn’t exist had he been able to control his mental state, properly rest as well as focus a bit more; A combination that cannabis has been key for.

Moving into 2021, “Chavo” is positive and ready for battle, emotionally and physically after mentions the “itch” to get back in the cage after an extremely challenging 2020.

Tune into another edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles. Our friend, Jesus “Chavo” Martinez opens up about how cannabis has helped him compartmentalize his life, focus, and rest properly to train at his peak!

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