New York Sports Science Lab Opens on-site Location in Partnership with Zoned Sports Academy

The New York Sports Science Lab (SSL) is making it more accessible to utilize their state-of-the-art sports science technologies with their Zoned Sports Academy partnership.

How to win a UFC fight in 98 seconds - Sports Science Lab weighs inSSL has become a vital addition to the training of world-class athletes such as UFC lightweight title contender, Al Iaquinta, Professional Boxer, Olympian, and WBA Interim and WBC Silver Champion, Marcus Browne (23-0), and NFL’s Tennessee Titans’ wide receiver, Nick Williams, to name a few. The Staten Island, New York-based Sports Science Lab is rooted in the philosophy that every athlete, regardless of age, body type or experience level, deserves to perform at their personal best.

Zoned Sports Academy, a baseball and softball developmental training facility located in Bridgewater, New Jersey, will have an on-site Sports Science Lab location. The new SSL location will be equipped with a lab Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and a lab Certified Biomechanics Specialist. The New York Sports Science Lab will provide expertise at the Zone Sports Academy location in two areas, speed & agility and brain training.

Paul Searles, the lab’s Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, will be lead on individual and group training, while also focusing on each athlete individually within the group, providing them a tailor-made training routine.

Brain training, which includes Dynamic Visual Stimulus Technology to train athletes’ reaction time, hand/eye coordination, focus, concentration, and more aspects of sports performance that are neglected sometimes in training. The Lab’s Certified Biomechanics Specialist, Matt Diorio, will be guiding athletes through this unique specialized training provided by the New York Sports Science Lab’s on-site location at Zoned Sports Academy.

The SSL team of sports scientists, biomechanists and exercise scientists is led by a sports physiotherapist who is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University.

The Lab will be at Zoned Sports Academy on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3-9 PM and the Assessments will occur on Saturdays.

Athletes training at SSL:

Marcus Browne – Pro Boxer

Al Iaquinta – UFC Pro MMA Fighter

Ali Fares – Pro Soccer Player

Michael Ayeboafo – Golden Gloves Champion

Rob Calabrese – San Francisco Giants Pro Baseball Player

Bill O’Brien – Buffalo Bandits Pro Lacrosse Player

Danielle Mcewan – Team USA Bowling Pro Bowler

Nick Williams – NFL Tennessee Titans Pro Football Player

A video of UFC’s Al Iaquinta training eye-hand coordination at the New York Sports Science Lab:

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