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Nikolas Motta

Nikolas Motta: “We don’t fight just for money, it’s about legacy, it’s about respect”

Nikolas Motta, a recent winner on Dana White’s Contender Series, has plenty to be thankful for. The lightweight contender won his bout at DWCS against former CFFC contender Joe Lowry in a dominating fashion. And while a UFC contract hung in the balance, Motta, known for his knockout victories, wasn’t going to take any chances with a contract hanging in the balance. The Brazilian lightweight outmanned his opponent for three full rounds earning a unanimous decision victory.

We recently caught up with the newest UFC lightweight contender before his trip home for the holidays. Motta discussed his bout with Lowry and what he expected from his fight.

“Joe Lowry and his team came good,” Motta said.

“They made a good strategy and his defense wasn’t bad. I was trying to work on other things, but at the same time he was very prepared for this fight. he really did a good study on my game, too. Some people they just don’t realize how good that guy is,” he continued.

And while Motta was looking for a finish, an outcome he is too familiar with, his decision win still had him a bit nervous.

“I’ve been working my whole life for that moment, for that opportunity. I would’ve died for that,” Motta claimed.

“Dana knows me. He knows I’m a killer. He knows my record. He watched some of my brutal knockouts … most importantly, I’m in the UFC now. Now I can go to war,” Motta exclaimed.

Motta even stated that after receiving his contract that the pressure may be off with a four-fight contract. Citing Isreal Adesanya, the pressure is good for his upcoming stint with the UFC.

“Pressure makes diamonds, and I’m shining,” he stated.

So what is next for the UFC newcomer? He plans to continue to impress Dana White and he has few words for the division.

“I’m coming.”


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