PFL Announces International Qualifier Series Before Regular Season

PFL Announces International Qualifier Series Before Regular Season

The Professional Fighters League (PFL)has announced an International Qualifier Series that is set to begin just before the 2020 regular season. Past seasons began around May with the PFL doing their recruiting in the months prior to their first seasonal event. This new series will give fighters a chance from around the world to earn a slot in the upcoming season and get a shot at being the next million-dollar champion. 

PFL CEO Peter Murray told ESPN, “We’re excited to accelerate growth outside of the United States through the International Qualifier Series, a global fight twice in one-night tournament designed to identify and recruit the best MMA fighters from five priority markets around the world,” and that the PFL would be, “working with (United Arab Emirates) UAE Warriors in the Middle East,” due to the region’s “affinity for combat sports.”

Granting an opportunity to a fighter from anywhere in the world is nothing new in the PFL. At the end of 2019, Emiliano Sordi from Argentina was able to become the 2019 light-heavyweight champion and bring home his million-dollar prize during the last championship event on New Year’s eve.

Along with the UAE, the other markets that the PFL are said to be working with are; Russia, Germany, Brazil, and Australia. Each tournament will be a four fighter tournament with the winners earning their slot for the 2020 season. The UAE event is said to be a featherweight tournament according to the PFL website and is scheduled for March 20 with the others to be announced soon. PFL President Ray Sefo said at the 2019 championship post-fight press conference, finalists and champions would be invited to return but the international focus is sure to bring in some new talent to MMA should they qualify for the tournament and do well. 

The PFL’s season format is what separates them from other MMA organizations. With their fighters accruing points with wins during the regular season to qualify for the finals and make it to the end of the year championship. Along with winning a title, one-million dollars goes to the champions for each weight class which can be life-changing money.

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