Phil Baroni calling out Conor McGregor

Phil Baroni calling out Conor McGregor

Mixed martial art’s newest international superstar, Conor ‘Notorious’ McGregor may only have two fights with the organization but he is already set to headline when the UFC returns to Ireland, July 19.  The lavishly dressed featherweight and Irish born fighter will meet Cole Miller to settle some unsettled business, a war of words that ensued on Twitter, eventually escalating to the point where it would be featured as the Fight Night main event.

McGregor (14-2) has not lost since 2010 but that record does not impress one former UFC fighter.  ‘New York Bad Ass’ Phil Baroni began professional mixed martial arts before McGregor was even in high school.

Baroni (15-17) is 13 years the elder to McGregor and is questioning the media attention that McGregor has gotten.  Obviously with just two fights notched on his belt under Zuff (UFC) contract McGregor is being pushed for the international aspect, to help build the brand in Ireland.

Whether or not McGregor is the best featherweight or not is yet to be determined, and Baroni wants to know exactly what the Notorious one has done to build such hype.

@PhilBaroni wrote – “Who the f**k is Connar McGregor? Who is that? What’s he done? I’m going down to 155 what weights he fight at ?”

McGregor fights at 145 pounds, not 155, but either way, the New York Bad Ass is still interested in the contest.  Baroni who fights at 170 pounds said that he would meet McGregor at 155.

When asked where the angst toward McGregor was stemming from Baroni tweeted “I’ll slap the s**t out of that little b**tch. I’ll meet him at 155. F**king nobody. Who the f**k he fight? He is obviously a fan of me.”

So, is there a potential fight here?  Baroni would more than likely have to earn a few victories before being re-signed by the UFC.  He is currently riding a two-fight losing streak, however, if we have learned one thing over the course of the years it is that hype builds fights (example the upcoming McGregor vs. Miller bout).

Baroni ended his night on Twitter with ‘Stop blowing me up about that kid.’   The flood gates have opened.

So, if the two fighters were to go toe-to-toe at 155 who would take it, Phil Baroni or Conor McGregor?



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