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Police video – Jon Jones sobriety test, arrest for DWI

The police video taken on the lapel of the officer who arrested UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones early Thursday morning has been released.

The above video was provided to MMAFighting by the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s office.

“I have ADD (attention deficit disorder), “ Jones told Albuquerque Police during a sobriety test. “I get punched in the head for a living.”

Officers initially responded to gunshots and they found Jones in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. He claimed he didn’t know anything about the gunshots fired.

Officers noticed that Jones seemed intoxicated and he admitted to the police that he had been driving earlier that night and that he was intending to drive again.

Jones submitted to sobriety tests and performed poorly on all of them. Following the sobriety tests, Jones took a breathalyzer test in which the results returned at or above twice the legal limit.

Jones was arrested and following the arrest a black handgun was found underneath the driver’s seat along with a bottle of Recuerdo behind the passenger’s seat.

“As part of the investigation into this incident, our Gun Violence Reduction Unit will test the firearm and bullet casing to determine whether the gun has been used in any crimes,” Gilbert Gallegos, communications director for the Albuquerque Police said in a statement sent to MMA Fighting. “Reducing gun violence in Albuquerque is our top priority.”

Jones, who was eventually charged with aggravated DWI as well as negligent use of a firearm, possession of an open container and having no proof of insurance with him at the time of his arrest, told police that he has issues with his short term memory.

“My short term memory is really bad,” Jones said. “People don’t know that about me but it’s really bad.”

The UFC champion was later released from custody with his first court date currently set for April 8 in Albuquerque.

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