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PrimeGenix Review: Testodren and DIM 3X Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects and Results

PrimeGENIX stepped into the performance enhancement market with a clear-cut mission to assist older men with their fitness-related needs. The brand promises to revitalize their mental, physical, and emotional health through its two solid nutritional supplements. One is Testodren for men keen to enhance their sex hormones, testosterone. Other is DIM 3X for men dealing with the detrimental effects of higher estrogen and striving to regularize their hormones. Click Here to Visit Official Primegenix Website

Overall, the products are receiving an overwhelming feedback for their respective benefits and fast-acting nature. Testodren and DIM 3X are a blend of natural ingredients and made in cGMP authorized and FDA registered settings. Therefore; they do not possess the tendency to trouble your health or cause any side effect extreme in nature. Besides, their absorption is 3x impressive that allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into your system and generate optimum effects.

What more do these quality-based recipes offer and what mechanism they use to be this powerful, let’s find out now!

What is Testodren?


Testosterone is a male sex hormone that peaks at the age of 18-19 years. Made from the gonads, the hormone is an androgen that stimulates the development of characteristics associated with males. From the biological viewpoint, testosterone supports a sharp mind, healthy heart; stronger bones, higher sex drive, and fit erections. From the fitness viewpoint, men need a good production of testosterone to grow mass, elevate energy, control fat levels, boosted motivation and mood to stick to their goals. Sadly, the creation of testosterone encounters a natural and constant dip as men turn 30. This, understandably impair their ability to achieve their fitness goals, let alone sound biological health.

Testodren comes forward as the revolutionary nutritional plan for men that have hit 40. It supports the idea of living and achieving like a young despite being at any age. Essentially, the supplement aims to reverse the effects of aging through facilitating the natural production of testosterone. However, this boost in testosterone offers a big support to the ones keen to upgrade their fitness game.

PrimeGenix Testodren – Pros and Cons

While Testodren has recently made its way to the market, the degree of recognition it is receiving is quite impressive. Despite of that, it is natural for a potential buyer to look for an explicit list of pros and cons. Based on knowledge and detailed investigation on Testodren, we have come up with its genuine list of pros and cons:


  1. It is manufactured by the US-based brand, PrimeGENIX

  2. The U.S. patented formula boosts testosterone by 72.87% in 12 weeks

  3. It is best recommended for men over 40

  4. It enhances your physical and mental power

  5. It is great for athletic performance and lean muscle growth

  6. It helps with higher stamina and energy

  7. It does not let age ‘define’ you

  8. It is legal and requires no prescription

  9. It has 67 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

  10. It is shipped worldwide with no shipping charges on selective orders


  1. It is a relatively new product, hence, it is too early to determine its long-term effects

  2. The price may be a bit costly for some buyers

  3. It is not sold at any retail store, except the official website of PrimeGENIX

Click Here to Buy Testodren from the Official Website

The nutritional supplement has the power to grasp the body dynamics. Utilizing the power, it tunes the body to accelerate its production of testosterone by 72.87% in 3 months. That’s right. An abundance of human trials published in prominent medical journals like NIH (The U.S. National Library of Medicine), WJPR (World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research), and IJMRHS (International Journal of Medical Sciences) have validated the efficacy of Testodren by 100%. Thereby, there is no doubt in the claims and success surrounding the product these days.

How Testodren supplement works?

Testodren has a simple purpose and a simple mechanism to generate testosterone producing effects. Basically, it uses the power of Trigonella Foenum-Graecum that uses the compound furostanolic saponins. As per research, the compound encourages the growth of testosterone through fueling the mechanism of gonads. This indicates that Testodren does not work through any artificial mean but a natural one. Instead of delivering an abundance of artificial hormones to balance the deficiency, it promotes the natural production of testosterone for you to end up safe and sound.

Testodren benefits

The increase in testosterone is equivalent to a fulfilling, healthy life of men. And so, the effects of Testodren are no exception. It is a solid, T promoting substance that leads you to the following benefits in a matter of weeks:

  1. Higher libido:

Sex drive and sex hormones are directly correlated. As the graph of Testosterone falls with time, we accept our poor sex drive as an aftermath of age. Thankfully, a boost in T can change the dynamics and help you enjoy a youthful libido, at any age!

  1. Solid and longer erections:

The quality of erectile function is largely affected by the drop in T. With the growth in testosterone, men can enjoy smooth and satisfying performances without following any male enhancement technique or treatment

  1. Healthy heart:

Testosterone is essential for blood circulation, vascular reactivity and heart muscle contractions. And all these add to a healthy heart that is crucial for the general health and quality of life

  1. Fat loss:

Unless your body makes healthy amount of testosterone, you cannot lose weight and achieve that attractive, sculpted physique. Basically, the hormone helps to control waist circumference, lowers BMI, and enhances body composition. Thereby, its important to lose oodles of weight or maintain weight

  1. Increase muscles:

As per biology, testosterone boosts neurotransmitters that support the production of muscle tissues and paces post-training recovery. Not only that, it lifts up the growth hormone that makes muscle growth effortless and faster

  1. Fortify bones and enhance mood:

The sex hormone aids in gaining and maintaining muscles, hence, it holds great importance for men. Besides, a research of Harvard Medical School established that men who followed testosterone therapy experienced positive changes in their mood. It further eases anxiety and goes a long way in eliminating irritability

  1. Improve athletic performance:

The hormone is a great promoter of energy, strength, and endurance, which can make your training sessions easier and longer. As a matter of fact, many pro athletes and bodybuilders resort to testosterone boosters to perform strength trainings and so

Apart from all, testosterone is proven to improve concentration and memory. It protects prostate, lowers diabetes and cholesterol as well.

Testodren Ingredients

Testodren is a U.S. patented compound. Thereby, the ingredient part of its recipe promises clinically-proven dosage, finest result, and safety to the users. Now unlike the dietary formulas we generally come across, Testodren is not some amalgamation of a bunch of ingredients. It’s a ‘one man army’ that picks the stagnant growth of testosterone and takes it to a complete, intense height.

The solo ingredient that works for Testodren is Trigonella Foenum-Graecum in 500 mg. The agent is extracted from the Fenugreek herb which makes it an absolute, natural drug for poor Ts. Now Trigonella Foenum-Graecum is one of the most researched and medically proven health-boosting substances.

It manages diabetes, cholesterol, and blood sugar while supporting a healthy digestive health. However, its principal role in Testodren is to bring up the poor production of the sex hormone. According to research, it encompasses compounds like furostanolic saponins that contribute to the making of the testosterone. With the higher growth of testosterone, Trigonella Foenum-Graecum manages to heighten up your sex drive, fat loss, and muscle growth.

Testodren Side effects

The U.S. patented formula offers absolute safety through its 100% organic ingredient. It simply aims to give you the edge in sports, fitness, and health through a natural boost in testosterone. Moreover, the below mentioned qualities further trim down the possibilities of Testodren causing complications for any:

  1. It has 0% gluten, soy, or egg

  2. It does not contain any dairy product

  3. It is free from sugar and wheat grain

  4. There are no preservatives in the product

  5. The manufacturing is conducted in GMP and FDA licensed setting

Who can use Testodren Pills?

Men can undergo a decline in T at any indefinite age. However, it is more likely to onset when they hit 30. By the time they reach 40, the changes caused by the stoop in testosterone become more and more prominent. Testodren is a dedicated OTC drug that can uplift the levels of testosterone to normal. And so, it is highly encouraged for men over 40 to resort to it as an absolute treatment plan.

Now your goal to enhance testosterone can be entirely different from some other guy dealing with a similar concern. For example, you would prefer an upgrade for the problems you may be facing under the sheets. Or perhaps, you are tired of that constant feeling of lethargy that does not change after exercises, diet, or even some long hours of sleep. Moreover, men also seek testosterone boosters to gain that lean muscle growth that appears impossible within their own, natural means. In simple words, you may have your reason to follow the T booster course any time after the age of 40.

In most cases, the improvements become observable after 3-4 weeks of regular use. In few, it takes more weeks like 8-12 and so. Irrespective of the category you fall in, it is advised to complete the 12-weeks course to judge its truest potentials.

How to use PrimeGenix Testodren Supplement?

Incorporating the use of Testodren is more than simple to your routine. All you need to do is ingest 1 capsule based on 500 mg of Furosap and that’s it. You are too good to switch your body into its testosterone producing mode now!

Where to buy Testodren?

Buy Testodren on the official website of PrimeGENIX for the original Testodren drug.

The authorized dealers provide maximum discounts on bulk supply along with Money Back Guarantee on all deals. The deals currently available for the buyers are:

  • 1 Month Supply for $59.95 (Saving $10)

  • 3 Months Supply for $119.95 (Saving $89.90)

  • 6 Months Supply for $199.95 (Saving $219.75) With Free Shipping to US

What is DIM 3X?


Our tendency to maintain that much-needed stability in our hormones does not stay as robust as we want. Many times, aging, thyroidal problems, sedentary lifestyle, illness, and stress weaken the body’s mechanism to retain that equilibrium in men. As a result, they face some distressing repercussions like hair loss, exhaustion, poor energy, bloating, unexpected tremble, man boobs, abnormalities in blood sugar, weak focus, and infertility to count a few. According to the experts, the signs of hormone imbalance emerge when the body loses its ability to balance estrogen. Estrogen is a steroid hormone that holds similar importance for women as testosterone holds for men. Hence, any abnormality in the levels of estrogen in the body of a man can lead to some debilitating effects.

DIM 3X is one of the tried and tested treatment plans for hormonal imbalance in men over 40. The dietary formula is extremely convincing when it comes to overcoming the signs indicating the abnormality in hormones. Essentially, the recipe consists of a calculated dose of a bioactive compound diindolylmethane, DIM derived from cruciferous vegetables. Research suggests that DIM is tremendously helpful in balancing hormones through transforming unhealthy estrogen to healthy estrogen metabolites. DIM 3X also promotes the making of testosterone while opposes aromatase enzyme that fuels the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

PrimeGenix DIM 3X – Pros and Cons

Similar to Testodren, DIM 3X is a fairly new launch. And hence, some of us are eager to see if it’s offering anything different to the victims of hormonal imbalance. The pros and cons associated with DIM 3X are:


  1. It is a product of the US-based company, PrimeGENIX

  2. The U.S. patented ingredients bring an ultimate stop to hormonal imbalance

  3. It is 3 times more absorbing than any other nutritional formula

  4. It has bioactive compound diindolylmethane that alters bad estrogen into good while increasing testosterone

  5. It grows energy, sharpens focus, intensifies stamina, and promotes fat loss

  6. It is an absolute natural recipe that creates no side effects

  7. The manufacturing is conducted in cGMP certified and FDA approved facility

  8. A number of human trials have validated its success

  9. It is a legal over-the-counter treatment plan for hormonal imbalance

  10. There is 67 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee on all orders


  1. Owing to the novelty of this formulation, we are not aware of the long-term effects of DIM 3X

  2. It is only available on the official website of PrimeGENIX

Click Here to Buy Dim3X from the Official Website

Overall, the nutritional formula is a great punch to anything keeping you from an energetic, fulfilling life. By ensuring stability in estrogen and elevating the levels of testosterone, it gives your sex drive, weight loss, energy levels, mood, and muscle growth one great boost!

How DIM 3X Pills works?

DIM 3X has a very unique and powerful way of balancing your hormones. Precisely, its plan of action is divided into three essential steps:

  1. Regulate the Estrogen:

First and foremost, it focuses on regulating the excess levels of estrogen taking a toll on your general health. And for that, it utilizes the estrogen-related effects of DIM. Now Diindolylmethane does not intent to remove estrogen as a part of its plan. However, it works to ensure a balance significant for the growth and development of male reproductive function. For that, it transforms the unhealthy estrogen called 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone into the healthy estrogen metabolites called 2-hydroxyestrone

  1. Stop Aromatase Enzymes:

The second most essential way to generate stability in hormones is to stop the unnecessary transformation of testosterone into estrogen. To impair this adaptation, DIM impedes aromatase enzyme, allowing the presence of testosterones and their functioning in full capacity

  1. Enhances testosterone growth:

In the end, men need testosterone as the zest that keeps them healthy and energetic like the young! And DIM 3X rightly understands the need. The formula puts its vitamin E at work for its testosterone-producing strength. Through its might, the body is able to generate more testosterone and experience fitness-boosting and health -enhancing effects

DIM 3X benefits

DIM 3X has a larger focus on addressing the abnormalities causing hormonal imbalance in men over 40. As it succeeds in bringing that much anticipated change, you can expect to experience the following benefits in turn:

  1. Boost in mood:

Serotonin receptors adjust our emotions, state of mind, and mood. However when the levels of estrogen elevates in the body, it directly affects serotonin receptors causing continuous fluctuation in mood. DIM 3X controls estrogen levels in the body. By doing so, it ensures a peaceful mind, controlled emotions, and relaxing mood all the time

  1. Multiply energy and strength:

The increase in unhealthy estrogen and drop in testosterone take a toll on the energy levels. Poor energy steals your motivation to work and sometimes, hampers your ability to perform day to day tasks. This formula strengthens the hormonal balance, favoring the energy and strength you need all day long. With higher energy, you feel more motivated and go the extra mile for fitness, professional and personal reasons

  1. Control fat levels:

When hormones go out of control, managing and losing weight become one impossible task. Yes, it’s common to gain weight and face problems in losing weight once the body loses its tendency to balance hormones. Thankfully, the supplement allows you to control your fat levels through controlling the bad estrogen and lifting T. This has a domino effect as the muscles begin to grow and the metabolism turns faster and better

  1. Treats Moobs:

The transformation of testosterone into estrogen leads to the development of womanly characteristics like the growth of breasts in men. This is a condition called gynecomastia that may not be detrimental for the health but is quite embarrassing for sufferers. DIM 3X prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen while pacing the metabolism to burn fat surrounding the chest area

  1. Clears Brain Fog:

Any discrepancy in hormone can mess up with the brain chemistry, causing problem to focus, concentrate, and memorize events. However, as ‘things begin to reform’, your brain tunes up to work in its optimum strength; allowing you to focus, reason, and think with clarity

  1. Revive sexual function:

The predominant type of estrogen called estradiol has a major contribution in the sexual function of men. And so, any abnormality in the natural consistency of hormones can impinge on the sex drive and erectile performance. DIM 3X steps in with its extraordinary tendency to surge testosterone in your system and regulate estrogen. With the right hormones employed for the job, you experience a sex drive enjoyed in your teenage years. This pleasure multiplies when you observe those gratifying changes in your erections that feel harder than ever and last longer

DIM 3X Ingredients

Similar to Testodren, DIM 3X is a U.S. patented formula and 100% natural. However, it is not based on a single component but a set of ingredients effectively working to balance the imbalance. Ingredients that are part of DIM 3X are:

  1. DIM (Diindolylmethane):

The bioactive compound comes through the cruciferous vegetables and is incorporated for its estrogen-related effects. Investigations in DIM have found that the compound has the strength to stabilize male hormones. Not only that, it wards off the detrimental effects of estrogen on cells, enhances antioxidants, improves weight loss and mood

  1. AstraGin®:

It is another patented, natural compound going the extra mile to give you the support you seek. The agent aids in higher absorption of the ingredients whereas experts claim it a great aid for gut health. However, its effects are not as restricting as one may think. It is a multi-purpose agent that encourages the growth and strength of muscles, augments athletic performance, enhances body composition and intensifies physical power for added training volume

  1. BioPerine®:

It is added to multiply nutrient absorption but the black pepper extract does more than that. Research suggests that the patented extract of the piperine regulates blood sugar and boosts mental performance

  1. Vitamin E:

It strengthens your immune system and supplies an abundance of antioxidants to your body. Vitamin E is equipped with anti-inflammatory powers that largely favor your overall health by keeping autoimmune disorders and diseases like diabetes, cancer, and obesity at bay. The role of Vitamin E in DIM 3X is to raise testosterone, which is a quality corroborated in human trials.

DIM 3X Side effects

Similarly, SIM 3X is a U.S. patented formula that includes nothing except 100% natural ingredients. Besides, agents used to enhance its absorbency by 3 times are also organic like AstraGin and BioPerine. Precisely, every ingredient and the fusion are broadly examined and tested before introducing to the ones in need. Therefore, there is no doubt in DIM 3X turning hazardous for anyone at any given time. The safety of the product can be further judged by its qualities like:

  1. It is manufactured in GMP and FDA certified facility

  2. It has no gluten, soy, or egg

  3. It has no dairy product, sugar, and wheat grain

  4. You do not come across any preservative in the formula

Who can use DIM 3X Supplements?

DIM 3X is a specialized nutritional supplement equipped with the right set of ingredients needed to address hormonal imbalance. The supplement is highly suitable for every man paying the cost of this troubling issue in the form of poor energy, low sexual performance, gynecomastia, and weight gain.

In the majority of cases, the need to follow the course of DIM 3X arises after men turn 40. This is because of the two common, underlying causes. One is extended exposure to chronic stress and two is any of the two types of diabetes. Regardless of the cause, the body gradually loses its capacity to regulate hormones, causing those distressing signs to appear.

DIM 3X is highly suitable for everyone, including the ones who are not tolerant to dairy, gluten, and soy. Hence, anyone can embark on the journey to attain fitness and health through a mean that is absolutely safe. Moreover, you are likely to notice the change after 2-3 weeks. But if it takes longer, stay optimistic as it may take 4-8 weeks for some.

How to use PrimeGenix DIM 3X Pills?

For a comprehensive hormone support, you need to go on board with 3 capsules a day with your meals. Yes, that is the recommended dose of DIM 3X. They further advise the regularity of dosages for the results to kick in 2 weeks.

Where to buy DIM 3X?

Simply head to the official website of PrimeGENIX for the authentic supply of DIM 3X.

By reaching its genuine manufacturers, you will entitle yourself to some exciting discounts, Satisfaction Guarantee, Fast shipping and many more. Deals that are sure to grab your attention are:

  • 1 Month Supply for $59.95 (Saving $10)

  • 3 Months Supply for $119.95 (Saving $89.90)

  • 6 Months Supply for $199.95 (Saving $219.75) with Free Shipping to US

Money Back Guarantee

PrimeGENIX takes pride in ensuring absolute customer satisfaction to its customers. Hence, it facilitates risk-free order to all its valuable customers.

Yes, the company offers Testodren and DIM 3X for not few but 67 days Money Back Guarantee.

This indicates that you can redeem the offer within 67 days of receiving, if you are unhappy from the results. Hence, feel free to give any of the quality products, a risk-free shot!


Testodren and DIM 3X are two foolproof OTC treatments for poor testosterone and imbalance hormones. While these have just made their way to the public, people are appreciating the extent to which they lay support.

With 100% safety and 67 Days Money Back Guarantee, the products definitely take a lead from their rivals.

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