Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans plans to stick with Eagle FC and fight following career comeback

After a successful return to active competition, former UFC light heavyweight champion “Suga” Rashad Evans is looking to keep it going. Following a four-year hiatus, Evans returned to competition last weekend at Eagle FC 44, his first fight outside the UFC since 2004, which is right before he took part in The Ultimate Fighter Season 2 which he won as a heavyweight.

Leaving the UFC after going through a five-fight losing skid, Rashad Evans returned with Eagle FC, a promotion run by former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov who is now retired. In his return, Evans faced Gabriel Checco and won by unanimous decision, giving him his 19th career professional victory.

Following his victory, Evans spoke to Sirius XM’s ‘Throwing Down‘ and revealed that he plans to continue fighting and will stick with Eagle FC for the immediate future of his fighting career.

“I’m going to stick with Eagle FC, I’m probably going to do another one but I’m going to just allow this one to soak in and settle in for a little bit, enjoy it for a little bit. At the same time, I can’t allow it to soak in for too long because I’m not a spring chicken anymore.”

Speaking to the media after his Eagle FC 44, Rashad Evans opened up about dark days that he faced leading into the fight and how the victory helped clear that all out, and he would tell Sirius XM that he feels he’s now in a good place.

“I feel as if I’m in a good place to make a good decision based on just being smart, versuses an emotional one, feeling like it’s something that I need to do in order to satisify a part of my ego that didn’t get taken care of. I’m very excited at the fact that I did get an opportunity to compete and compete on Eagle FC and compete on the same card as Tyrone Spong and so many other fighters that I train with, it was a great expereince.”

Not looking to rush into the next decision for his fighting career, Rashad Evans sounds like a fighter who is comfortable and happy where he’s at in his career. Sticking with Eagle FC may provide Evans to move at his own pace and offer him the fight that he’s looking for in a comfortable environment with the promotion.

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