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Raymond Daniels believes viral knockout isn’t the best KO he has had

At Bellator Birmingham on Saturday, Raymond Daniels had a highlight reel knockout of Wilker Barros. It was an absolutely incredible finish but Daniels isn’t trying to hype it up more than it needs to be.

“I try not to get on the hype train with these things,” Daniels told MMA Fighting. “Everybody has been blowing this up, but I never want to be the person that believes my own hype and get caught up in these things.

“For me, that’s just another day in the office,” he continued. “I’m accustomed to that kind of thing; it’s what I feel like I’ve been doing my whole career. This just happened to be my Bellator MMA debut. That made it important to me. I had that MMA debut all those years ago, I was a young kid and I wasn’t prepared mentally or physically. This time around I went in with a whole new set of eyes. And whole different confidence in aura about myself. So, I was able to be in there and be at my best and that’s when I can produce results like that.”

Although Daniels isn’t trying to hype it up, people on social media are calling it the best knockout ever. However, Daniels doesn’t agree, rather he believes he has better knockouts in his career.

“I honestly don’t think it’s the best knockout I’ve had and now people are calling it the best knockout of the century or the decade, or whatever. I’ve already had other knockouts that have been labeled with that and they were some of my previous knockouts. This is just the new thing that I did. There are going to be people who love and people who hate it, but as long as they’re tuning into it, that’s all that really matters.”

In the end, it was a spectacular knockout. But, Daniels is just worried about his next fight and knocking out his next opponent.

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