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Wilfredo Santiago: “You guys are going to see a while different Will”

Wilfredo Santiago had earned his big break after winning six of seven fights with four vicious knockouts. Fights on the Contender Series and in LFA have not gone his way. With a new perspective “Brown Bomber” Wilfredo Santiago squares off with Jared “Nite Train” Gooden in the co-main event of JW Fight Night 5.

How do you rebound from your last fight?
“Not just the last fight, but my last two fights. The last fight was on LFA, I got knocked out. It hurt my pride a lot. And the fight before that it was on the Contender (Series). It wasn’t even in my weight class, but I took it because it was an opportunity. I dealt with a lot of shit last year… personal, a death in the family. I thought I was over it. But I guess I wasn’t. My health wasn’t up to par, but we back on track now. Looking back at it, it’s been a humbling experience. There’s levels to this humbleness and I feel like I’m in a good space now.”

How big of a challenge is Jared Gooden?
“We’ve watched him. To be honest be we’re supposed to fight this kid before and I don’t know what happened, that it never materialized for whatever reason, I don’t know. I’m not going to say he’s scared, I was scared, that’s not my thing. I try not to see more into something that doesn’t need to be looked at in that way. But, I’m excited about the fight. The guy he’s good. I give everyone their respect. But you guys are going to see a while different Will.”

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