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WATCH: Referee knocked out during Muay Thai fight in Beirut, Lebanon

Referee knocked out – April 2, 2017

A referee was accidentally knocked out during the Lebanese Muay Thai Arab Championship finals on Sunday in Beirut, Lebanon.

On March 31, 2017, Lebanon played host to the sixth edition Arab Muay Thai Championship which was staged at the Country Lodge Club & Resort. The event spanned across three days over the weekend, with the finals going down on Sunday, April 2.

In a battle between Lebanon and Iraq, Kru Yai Rocky Kiblawi (Rocky K) in the green shorts and red shin guards was declared the tournament champion.  His opponent threw a spinning backfist that missed it’s target and knocked the official down.  The fight was called off after other officials entered the ring to check on the referee. Local media present on scene captured the video which went viral over the internet in just a few days!

The unfortunate knockout takes place just seconds into the video above.

Kru Yai Rocky Kiblawi is the:

2016 Muay Thai Asiatique World Champion Gold Medal, Thailand
2016 Professional Champion Boxing Warrior Rising Gold Medal, Thailand
2015 Muay Boran World Champion Gold Medal, Thailand
2015 Muay Thai World Champion Gold Medal, Thailand
2015 Kickboxing World Champion Silver Medal, Thailand

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