Reggie Barnett Jr. to Johnny Bedford: “You gotta bring it, bro!”

Reggie Barnett Jr. on Matt Murphy: “He’s going to quit!”

“I’m about to set a new precedent for Bare Knuckle!”

Reggie Barnett Jr. has been a loyal part of the BKFC family since it’s inception. Fighting on the promotions inaugural show, Barnett was all in from jump street. Although he’s fought in several other combat sports on top of boxing, Barnett came from an extensive boxing background while growing up and embraces it in his modern BKFC bouts.

Competing in the sport of boxing since he was a child, traveling during the weekends to various tournaments was a sense of normalcy. Fighting has always been one of the biggest positive influences that’s impacted the talented combatants life. Accruing all of that knowledge over the years, Barnett gladly gives back his experience to the youth at his home gym at 757 Boxing.

This Saturday, February 15, Barnett lays it all on the line for his gym, family, friends, and fans once as he takes steps back in the BKFC squared circle to take on Matt Murphy at BKFC 10, live from Ft. Lauderdale, FLA. Coming off of a disappointing championship loss against Johnny Bedford at BKFC 6…Barnett is bursting at the seams to get back into action to take on Murphy in a 135lb contest.

“I’m ready to make some noise!” Barnett says. “When everybody leaves next weekend, they’re not going to be talking about Kaleb Harris, Jim Alers, you know…Hector Lombard. They’re going to be like ‘Holy shit! Don’t let Reggie stay out of Bare Knuckle for that long again!”

While talking with MyMMANews, Barnett opens up about what he learned from the Bedford fight, and how he can apply that in his contests moving forward to which he bluntly states: “Honestly, just have fun with it!”

Getting into the fight in just a few days, Barnett discusses Murphy as an opponent, stating confidently;

“I know I’m a better boxer than him. And so he’s not going to come out and try to make it a boxing match. He knows I’m a better boxer than him. Everybody knows that. So, I don’t expect him to come out and try to make it a boxing match. I expect him to come out and make it a bare knuckle fight. And I’m cool with that because I’ve been preparing for not a boxing match…but for a bare knuckle fight!”

Thinking a win against Matt Murphy should line him up for a rematch with Johnny Bedford, when the dust settles, and this bout takes place, Barnett gives his honest assessment of how he’ll approach his bouts with BKFC;

“I know I’m going to beat Matt Murphy! But I just want to go in there and you know, just be the old Eaz-E! Like ‘fuck it! I’m here to fight! See if you can beat me at my game” continuing with “I’m here! This is what I do. This is what I love to do. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. And that’s how I’m going carry myself from now on. And I feel like even if I ever get back to the opportunity of having a title shot. As long as I maintain that mentality, I’m not even worried about the title. I’m glad to be apart of Bare Knuckle!

As for what the BKFC 135lb contender predict for his contest with Matt Murphy, Barnett confidently says;

“He’s gonna quit! I’m not going to finish him, he’s going to quit! He’s going to be so frustrated and so overwhelmed and so just baffled by what I bring to the table now. Because I bring what I had before, and then some!

Tune in above for the full interview with MyMMANews! Reggie Barnett and I discuss the BKFC superstars fight this weekend, how he improved from his title loss, his plans to steal the show, and much more!

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