Ring of Combat 71 results - Tim Dooling vs Dennis Buzukia - WATCH HERE

Ring of Combat 71 results – Tim Dooling vs Dennis Buzukja – WATCH

Ring of Combat 71 goes down this Friday, February 21 from the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The entire ROC 71 event will be streamed live via FITE TV and can be purchased and video below the card below.


In the main event, ROC featherweight champion Tim Dooling defends his title for the first time against Dennis Buzukja.

“The Jaguar” Dooling is coming off a third round submission finish of Ryan Kim Cafaro in November 2019.

Buzukja enters the contests riding a two-fight win streak.

Ring of Combat 71 results below:

Main Event Title Fight
Tim Dooling (champion) vs. Dennis Buzukja – for Ring of Combat featherweight championship

Round 1     Dooling’s jab is sharp.  This crowd is loud and these guys are exchanging combos.  Dooling lands anothern1-2 and an uppercut.  Buzukja unfazed keeps coming.  Dooling’s jab still working.  Buzukja with a big right and a body shot,  This is insane.  Buzukja bloodied.  Crowd standing and screaming.  Dooling unloads and knocks out the mouthpiece,  This is nuts.  Both guys vicious

Round 2     More of the same.  Dooling’s jab scores.  First clinch of the fight.  Dooling scores on the break.  Dooling’s right eye is almost shut.  Buzukja taking control.  Both guys battered.  ladies and gentlemen this is ridiculous.  One of the best fights I have ever seen as we go to round 3

Round 3   Dooling’s face is swollen.  Total warrior.  Buzukja looks fresher but Tim is more than game.  Both guys just standing and throwing.  Vicious bodyshot from Buzukja,  Dooling is not quitting and is still moving forward,  One of the craziest fights I’ve seen.  Just wow!!!  To the scorecards

29-28 29-28 30-27  New ROC featherweight champion  Dennis “the Great” Buzukja”


Co-Main Event Title Fight
John Ramirez vs Troy Green

Round 1    Two evenly matched athletes trading back and forth.  Good takedown defense from Green.  Green has landed a higher volume of strikes in the round.  Couple nice body kicks from Green as the round ends.

Round 2     Green successful takedown controlling position for most of first minute, Ramirez lands a nice knee but green right back with the takedown.  Good scramble as round ends.  Both guys  have slowed down

Round 3  Slower pace.  Green controls position most of round. Grinding away as Green has Ramirez against the cage as fight ends

29-28 on all scorecards for the new ROC welterweight champ, Troy Green


Chase Gambell vs Joseph Pyfer

Round 1    Domination from Pyfer for the entire round as he was on top controlling the position and landing some ground and pound.  Powerful first from Bodybagz

Pyfer continues the onslaught landing a kick and a combination.  On the exit, Pyfer lands a vicious left hook that rocks Gambell and staggers him forcing the referee to save him with the stoppage.

Joe “Bodybagz” Pyfer winner vis TKO to strikes at 1:06 of round 2

Devon Mosley vs Lirim Rufati

Round 1   Rufati dominated the entire round from the top with ground and pound and positon control

Round 2  The Gorilla Rufati with a fast takedown and just unleashes his inner hulk to force a stoppage to win via TKO

Lenny “the Gorilla” Rufati wins via TKO to strikes at :27 of round 2

Efren Escareno vs Danny Ramirez

Round 1    Very even round 1 early on.  Ramirez good takedown defense then starts landing hands.  Again a nice sprawl from Ramirez.  Escareno lands a nice right hook to the jaw but Ramirez shakes it off.  Fun fight as both guys active.

Round 2    Escareno lands some rights to the face and then a takedown.  Back to the feet.  Both guys punishing the other as they exchange jabs.  Another takedown from Efren but nom damage as Ramirez is back up.  Third round should be a good one.

Round 3     This fight is a war as both guys showing huge chins.  Ramirez gives up another takedown but gets up and lands a knee.  Hell of a fight but another takedown for Escareno may be enough to take the round.  Back up exchanging.  Ramirez ends the fight on his back looking for the triangle.  Going to the judges

Winner via split decision 29-28 28-29 29-28 Efren Escareno

Alex Brown vs Mike Ahearn

Round 1…2 debut fighters…Ahern with a takedown but Brown gets up as Ahern keeps the body lock.  Ahern controlling the round with his wrestling.  Ahern dominated position for the entire round

Round 2    Ahern once again looking for the takedown but Brown catches a guillotine and gets the tapout

Alex “All Beef” Brown wins by submission via guillotine choke at 1:34 of round 2

Shamidkhan Magomedov vs Nick Willey

Willey is 2-1 and has taken off 5 years to strictly grapple.  He is making his return on less than 2 weeks notice to take on K Dojo Warrior Tribe’s Magomedov

Round 1     Willey immediately goes for the takedown but Magomedov right back to feet.  Willey with another takedown and into side control.  Nice reversal from the Russian.  Magomedov trying to land strikes.  Willey defending.  Ground and pound scores for Magomedov as Willey is bloodied.  Heading to second round

Round 2    All standup for the first half of the round.  Magomed landing hard combinations as Nick is against the cage.  Magamedov exploiting his reach advantage.  Magomedov is non-stop and the referee is forced to step in and stop the fight

Shamidkhan Magomedov wins vis TKO via strikes 2:47 of round 2

Justin Montalvo vs Doug Lobasso

Round 1  Crowd is energized.  Seems like both guys have large fan bases.  Holy smokes….Montalvo opens up with the hands and knocks out the mouthpiece and finishes with a nasty right for the knockout

Justin Moltavo wins via knockout at :36 seconds of round 1


Andrew Salas vs Mike Gonzalez

Mike ” Limitless”Gonzalez is usually a 135 lb fighter but after his opponent pulled out, he took this fight against the 145lb Andrew “Ice Cold” Salas out of Dante Rivera BJJ

Round  1     Gonzalez scores early w body kicks and then great level change on a shot to take Salas down and into side control. Back to feet and Gonzalez lands a combo and another takedown.  Gonzalez is dominating the round landing ground and pound.

Round 2       Gonzalez hands look crisp landing a left and right then into a takedown.  Gonzalez once again on top but Salas seems to hurt him with a strike from the bottom.  Gonzalez recovers and is looking for the neck.  Great display of control and grappling from Mike.

Round 3        Salas needs to fight with desperation here.  Gonzalez the quicker fighter and again scores the takedown but Salas looking for the guillotine.  Gonzalez still fighting as the choke is locked in.  Great defense as Salas cannot finish.  His arms must be burnt out as the final bell rings.  Salas held the guillotine for almost the whole round

29-28 on all scorecards for your winner via unanimous decision  Mike Gonzalez



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