Robson Gracie, Renzo Gracie

Robson Gracie Jr. ready to push himself against Oscar Vera

Bellator 222 features a full lineup of talented, name worthy, fighters on this stacked card. It also features two Gracie’s with Neiman looking to stamp his ticket to the Welterweight World Grand Prix finals. But another family member, Robson Gracie Jr. will also look to continue the Gracie name as he takes on Oscar Vera in the prelims earlier that evening.

Gracie, 1-0 in Bellator, will take on the tough southpaw Oscar Vera. Some fighters like to look at film of other fighters, some don’t put too much stock in that. Gracie seems to fall right in the middle of those two.

“I try to look a little bit at what my opponent has, but I try to push my own game,” Gracie started.

“I don’t want to strike with a striker. I am going to avoid the punches and try to take him down. I didn’t see much. My coach had the job of looking for tape. I know he’s a striker. He’s 1-1 MMA Southpaw, thats it. I’m going to try to take him down play my game and get a submission. I play my own game so I can get a submission,” he continued.

Gracie seems to be following the same path that Neiman Gracie has in climbing up the rankings. Both fighters won’t really ask for big name fighters, but rather accept any opponent Bellator throws at them.

“Every fight will be tough,” he plainly stated.

“I want to go step-by-step. After that I won’t to trash talk or challenge anybody. If I win I know that things are going to get tough,” he continued.

This fight does mean a bit more to Robson Gracie Jr. knowing Neiman is fighting on the same card. While Robson hopes to put his opponent away and then watch Neiman fight on the main event.

“Especially fighting the same night, I want to do a good job first,” he said.

I want to push myself, and then when I get back into the room, then it’s Neiman’s time to shine,” he finished.

Both fighters will be ready to take the cage Friday night, June 14 for Bellator 222 at Madison Square Garden.

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