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Rodney Kealohi: “Going to fight the mystery character” at Cage Sports 59

Not wanting to be stuck on the sidelines, Rodney Kealohi is doing whatever it takes to get himself a fight, and that has lead to a crazy week ahead of Cage Sports 59 in Tacoma, Wash.

I heard you had a wild week. Tell us about it.

“It’s been a little interesting. I had an opponent and then they had a title fight at 135 lbs. I took this fight on short, week notice. So, I took it a weight class above; I usually fight at flyweight. I took a fight at Bantamweight on three weeks notice and then the title fight had the champ fall out, or something like that. Then, apparently, they wanted me to fill in, but I wasn’t going to do a 5-round fight. I told them I would do 3-rounds. Then my opponent apparently took the fight, he got offered it. Now I don’t know if that whole fight is scratched and he’s fighting somebody else. Now I don’t have an opponent, but they promised me they would find me a replacement in three days. So. I’ve been cutting weight all week. I’ve booked all the flights and fly out tomorrow. Going to fight the mystery character. So, don’t matter, I’ll show up on weight and be ready for whoever it is.”


11 months, what’s been the problem; finding offers or getting them to come to fruition?

“Both, I’ve had maybe like three or four fights that were in the talks. Either like, opponents are not saying yes to the fight, or they want me to fight up a weight class with a full camp. If I have a full, I’d like to stay at Flyweight for as long as I can. So, its just hard finding fights at Flyweight; especially here in Albuquerque or in New Mexico. I don’t know what it is. Maybe me and these guys will square up here soon, got a couple people in mind.”


Tell us about inspiration, motivation, why you do this?

“I do this straight for the love of competition and I want to be able to raise a family on the money I make in this game. Just because I’ve seen how high you can be in this game and how great it can be at the top.  I’ve witnessed people that are in the UFC, in Bellator, ranked; I’ve seen champions that are with them all the time. So, it just makes me want to be there and be able to provide for a family doing what I love, man. I don’t like to work a day in my life but when I’m training it aint working.”

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