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Rory MacDonald blasts judging in loss to Gleison Tibau at PFL 5 It was a clear robbery

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - JUNE 17: Rory MacDonald and Gleison Tibau in a welterweight fight during PFL 5 at the Ocean Casino Resort on June 17, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (Cooper Neill / PFL)

Rory MacDonald blasts judging in loss to Gleison Tibau at PFL 5: ‘It was a clear robbery’

Rory MacDonald doesn’t know how he lost to Gleison Tibau at PFL 5 on Thursday night.

In the main event of the card, MacDonald who already punched his ticket to the playoff was a massive -1000 favorite over the Brazilian veteran. Throughout the fight, MacDonald was landing the better shots and was using more volume. By the end of the third round, many media and fans thought the Canadian won either 30-27 or 29-28.

Yet, when the scorecards were read, it was revealed Tibau won a split decision that left many stunned including MacDonald.

“I’m very disappointed,” MacDonald said at the PFL 5 post-fight press conference. “I believe and everyone I talked to, everyone online, scored the fight for me, even three rounds to zero. I think it was a clear robbery. I thought I was dominant in this fight. It was a hard fight. Gleison brought it and respect to him, but I believe that I clearly won that fight. I think this should be looked into.”

The hope for Rory MacDonald as he says is for PFL to investigate the decision. The broadcast team all thought MacDonald won as well, but the judges didn’t. For the Canadian, he says this just continues to prove the lack of faith fighters have in judges and it’s an extra worry they shouldn’t have.

“We shouldn’t have to as fighters, as competitors (worry about the decision),” MacDonald said. “We should be able to fight and rest easy that we have competent, fair, truthful judging in our sport. It shouldn’t be something that we have to worry about and stick our necks out on the line and our health to do something stupid. It’s just crazy. We don’t have this in any other major sporting even. It just seems like over and over and over again, we’re getting this in our sport and it’s just a real shame.”

Although MacDonald lost he did advance to the playoffs as the two seed and will face Ray Cooper III in the semifinals.

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