Rusty Crowder

Photo via Phil Lambert/ BKFC

Rusty Crowder sees first round KO vs Kai Stewart at BKFC 29

Rusty Crowder clashes with Kai Stewart in a battle of ranked featherweights at BKFC 29 on September 10th.

Crowder came on Bowks Talking Bouts to cover several subjects ahead of this one. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Rusty Crowder

Thoughts when this bout offer came his way and the assessment of Kai Stewart overall

“Obviously I wanted Howard Davis because he’s number one. But Kai Stewart is just another guy on the way. So I’ll knock him down and we’ll see what’s next.”

“Kai Stewart has nothing that I haven’t seen yet. He might be a big deal in Montana but that’s Montana. I don’t see this fight going past the first round honestly. He’s a tough kid. He’s an up-and-coming fighter in Montana. But he doesn’t have the fights that I’ve had. He don’t have the experience and I’m going to show that.”

“I just don’t think Kai Stewart has faced the competition that I’ve faced. Don’t think he’s been hit like I’m gonna hit him. I think he’s overrated. I’m going to go in there, I’m going to slow the momentum down. Going to show him that Kai Stewart ain’t what he’s made to be. I’ll win the fight; he’s going to lose the fight. Every fight there has to be a winner and a loser. I’m going to be the winner.”


Thoughts on the BKFC featherweight contendership hierarchy and who could be in the division’s inaugural title fight

“Whoever they have in mind, that’s fine with me. I believe it’s either going to be Howard Davis or maybe Johnny Bedford that I’ll be fighting next after I win this fight. But we’ll see how it plays out. Whoever they put up for me, I’ll train and I’ll fight and I’ll win.”

How a potential Howard Davis rematch could play out and if any takeaways from their first fight could inform that hypothetical sequel

“I got to be a little bit more elusive. Step away from his right hand so I don’t get my mouth piece knocked out again (laughs). Got to work my way to the inside more. Be a little bit more aggressive as I need to do with every fight from here on out.”

Order and watch BKFC 29 below for $19.99. The pay-per-view event starts at 9pm ET on Saturday, September 10.

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