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Britain Hart (Beltran) on bare knuckle IQ and BKFC 29 title fight

Britain Hart (Beltran) and Charisa Sigala will clash in the inaugural BKFC strawweight world championship bout at BKFC 29 on September 10th.

The 115-pound title clash was initially supposed to feature BKFC strawweight Thailand champion Fani Peloumpi. COVID travel hinderances got in the way and Sigala will now face Hart for the belt.

Hart appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and gave insights ahead of this history-making title match. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Britain Hart

Getting a redemptive victory over Bec Rawlings last time out to even up their series

“You know, I really and I keep using this word because it is, I say it’s kind of tragic. Because it really wasn’t hyped up, really what it meant. Which is exactly what you just said, it was like truly the best redemption, clean slate if you can go back and re-do it. Super tough opponent, we obviously have beef. I mean it was all of that but to be honest with you, I was really just focused. I couldn’t even think about that. There were so many unfortunate personal things. I was like man; this is just me fighting me in the ring. Didn’t look at it as revenge or a rematch or a big step up.”

“I truly didn’t. I wish I did because I feel like it would have said more to people out there and been a very triumphant victory. But it really was just me fighting me which I guess translates to be a better lesson. Who cares who we’re fighting, who we’re revenging? Who cares about the get back to the people that really hurt you in the past? You’re just fighting yourself and that’s how I looked at that fight. Because I did not think entirely that I had so much composure. I was so happy to stick to that gameplan and be so conscious in the ring.”


Discourse around bare knuckle boxing being more centric on high Fight IQ/ the sweet science of the sport versus the bombastic spectacle that was seemingly more of a focus in BKFC’s nascent days

“I mean it goes to like there’s a lot of evidence for it if you really do your film study and look back on it. You know, it’s perfect and natural to see these debuters have these exciting, wow, epic fights. As you see the fighters go in there more and more, you see a difference. It’s because it’s bare knuckle. People aren’t realizing that. I hate that us as fighters we get so much criticism and negative feedback. It’s like man, check this out. We’ve learned unless you want to going there and bang it out, there’s some things.”

“It’s not a tough man’s game as far as longevity, it’s a smart man’s game. I think like Connor Tierney was a great example of being super smart but also very entertaining. Then you have the Artem (Lobov) and Jason (Knight) reference is perfect. Their first fight, oh my god. It was like literally I’ve never seen a better fight in my life, it was so crazy. The second time they fought, looking at skill and if you’re a fighter in the combat world it’s still a very good fight. But if you’re a fan, it was way slowed down and way different.”

Hart vs Sigala

“One, they have the respect, the mutual respect there. Two, they’ve done it before. We have to go home at the end of the day. We have to go home and sit in bed and have lumps and bruises and stitches and broken hands. So we want to do the best by giving you entertaining fights with head movement, not being there, slick nice footwork, good set up shots. We want to give you that aspect while the other aspect, and not that it’s wrong, is just like man, guns blazing I’m going to bang it out. You guys are going to see what a true warrior I am.”

Britain Hart continued, “You saw that in my Christine (Ferea) fight. Which wasn’t too long ago, in February. You just have to pick and choose when those moments have to come. As long as you stay in there and give it your best honest try and don’t quit, I think we are all in there to learn and get better and evolve.”

Order and watch BKFC 29 on September 10 below. The event is available for purchase for $19.99.

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