Fani Peloumpi

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Fani Peloumpi on “growing up” with BKFC 29 title bid

Fani Peloumpi and Britain Hart will clash in the inaugural BKFC strawweight world championship bout at BKFC 29 on September 10th.

Both warriors appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and gave insights ahead of their history-making title match. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Fani Peloumpi

When this world title opportunity vs Britain Hart was presented to the BKFC Thailand titleholder

“I am really excited about this fight and it’s very good opportunity for me really. I wait the time to be there and go in the ring for fight.”

Being experienced across a few combat sports and how Peloumpi’s bare-knuckle debut was

“This time was different. Just thinking I have to delete everything what I know in Muay Thai like elbow, knee, kicks, and whatever… It’s not so much difficult.”

Peloumpi not specifically game planning or doing tape study for opponents

“I watch, I see many times bare knuckle fight from other fighters. I like to say example Christine Ferea, I like her. So yeah, I see her many times and many other fighters. Just to show the style of this fighting. But I will try to do in my fighting what I’m training.”

“I don’t really watch what she (Britain Hart Beltran) do because I don’t care what she do. Just with myself.”


How important it would be to become the first-ever BKFC strawweight world champion

“For me, if I win this fight in the States, I think it would be very good. Because I am long time in fighting and martial arts and sport. Being now in America and this big fight, it’s something very new for me because for a long time I do this you know. I don’t know how to say in English but I feel like I’m growing after so many years. Growing up.”

Peloumpi’s strong mentality benefitting her across several combat sports

“If you’re not strong, your heart is not strong, and your mind is not strong, you cannot fight in any fight… It’s not only training, it’s not only muscle.”

Parting thoughts for Fani Peloumpi

“Thank you very much… Thank you very much, Dylan.”

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