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Sara McMann

Sara McMann Q&A: Learning Patience, Being Drawn to Combat Sports and Skydiving

UFC bantamweight fighter Sara McMann is currently taking a break from active mixed martial arts competition while she and her husband are expecting another child later this year.  MyMMANews reporter Tony Reid talks with McMann.

Tony Reid – Best advice you could give to a younger you?

Sara McMann – “Oh my God…Learn some patience! I am still working on that. I am the most impatient person ever. Every time I learn a new skill I want to immediately do it proficiently. I want to apply it. I am relentless and very driven in the aspect. It has gotten me to where I am but it has caused a lot of frustrated nights. There is literally times when I’m like “I am not leaving this gym until my hook is the way it should be and my elbow is high.” I won’t leave until I get it right. People put years and years into acquiring those skills and I am mad that I can’t get it over night.”

TR – Best inspiration to fight?

SM – “The reason why I do this and the reason I wrestled was the fact that I am drawn to combative sports. Why I am as invested as I am to grow and become better is because I think everybody should get the most out of everything they have. Whatever your talent or desires or inclinations are you should absolutely get the 100% most out of it that you can. I don’t want to leave this life with any untapped potential.”


TR – Best thing about MMA compared to other sports?

SM – “I think what makes it so great is that you don’t have to have a certain body type. If you are in the NBA the odds are you have to be pretty tall. Not everyone but statistically speaking. If you are in the NFL you need to be a certain size. Different things limit people from competing in different arenas. In MMA we have so many weight classes, you can be tall and thin and use your leverage and height, you can be short and stocky and use your explosiveness and fight on the inside, you can be great at any type of style and to achieve a certain level of excellence it can help you excel in other aspects and styles of the sport. There is no cookie cutter mold to be great in MMA.”


TR – Best dinner guests? Three people, past or present, who would they be?

SM – “Number one would be Jim Morrison. Marcelo Garcia would be number two. The third would be Charlize Theron. Every one of these people would be to pick their brain. I admire all of them.”


TR – Best guilty pleasure?

SM – “Skydiving. It’s super dangerous. I probably shouldn’t be doing it. I have down it four times and I am going to sign up so I can jump solo.”


TR – Best lesson life has handed you?

SM – “Pain is the root of all knowledge.”

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