Sheena Bathory

Sheena Bathory, Power Slap’s “Ronda Rousey,” gets knocked out but wins by disqualification

Sheena Bathory, often referred to as Power Slap’s Ronda Rousey, was knocked out cold last night by Jackie Cataline at Dana White’s Power Slap event in Las Vegas.

Despite taking a nap on the job, Bathory, a bodybuilder, pro wrestler, reality star and judo champion, was crowned victorious.

“Powerslap’s Ronda Rousey just got slept,” MMA journalist Alex Behunin wrote on X. Then he provided an update: “And it got overturned.”

The reason for Cataline’s disqualification is believed to be because she used a palm strike, which is considered clubbing and is an illegal.

MMA influencer Nina-Marie Daniele also provided a clip.

“Sheena Bathery wins via disqualification! Jackie Cataline losses via stepping! Power Slap 6 is insane! Watch
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