Stellar Fights 42 Live Results - Courtney vs. Hudson

Stellar Fights 42 Live Results – Courtney vs. Hudson

Delaware’s premiere mixed martial art promotion, Stellar Fights is back again with another stacked fight card! Taking place at the Exhibition Hall in Harrington, Delaware, Stellar Fights 42 crowns their first ever 165lb MMA champion as 302 BJJ’s Ryan Courtney takes on SBY MMA and Fitness’ Branden Hudson which guarantees fireworks. These two have been on a fast track to inevitably meeting, and tonight’s main card finally see’s these two titans clash.

In the co main event of the evening, Stellar Fights crowns a 175 kickboxing champ as the hard hitting Jake Darr faces Kenan Forsey in a bout that will more than likely not see the judges decision. The night of festivities looks bright as always with Stellar Fights president and matchmaker, Brad Dalton assuring us yet again, another night of MMA to remember.

9. 165 lb. Superfight MMA Championship: Ryan Courtney vs. Branden Hudson

Round 1: Hudson fires a leg kick to start the contest, but Courtney switches levels for an immediate takedown, landing in side control. Hudson regains half guard while Courtney works to pass. Courtney regains side control. During a scramble, Hudson regains his footing and fires a straight right that lands flush. Hudson attempts a headkick but Courtney slips it and shoots back in securing another takedown, peppering some ground and pound to close the opening stanza.

Round 2: Hudson expects the takedown from Courtney and times it well to sprawl and stand back up where he’s had success, thus far. Hudson begins firing some punches on the feet, but Courtney sees the opening again for the takedown and shoots. Courtney locks up a front choke on his way to his feet, and stands up for the standing guillotine but is shrugged off as Courtney follows in for top position. Hudson throws his legs up and almost locks in a triangle, but Courtney is able to escape and finish the round in side control.

Round 3: Hudson gets flashy throwing a spinning heel kick that narrowly misses. He hurts Courtney several times with straight punches down the middle then follows in to secure a takedown of his own and begins raining heavy ground and pound on Courtney. With multiple submission attempts, and crisp strikes, this round is all Hudson. Hudson closes the round bloodying Courtneys face from his standing accuracy to his heavy ground and pound.

Round 4: Hudson wastes no time going after Courtney securing the takedown and quickly getting back control. Hudson gets the neck and its a matter of seconds before Courtney taps to the rear naked choke.

Winner via Rear Naked Choke at 25 seconds into the 4th round: Branden Hudson

8. 175 lb. Kickboxing Championship: Jake Darr vs. Kenan Forsey

Round 1: These fighters waste no time engaging with Forsey landing thudding body kick to Darrs punch to leg kick combos. Forsey finds his mark up top with a one-two that stops Darr in his tracks. The round continues this way for the majority as each time Darr steps inside he is met with a stiff jab from Forsey. With ten seconds in the opening round, Darr attempts a body kick but is swept by Forsey.

Round 2: Darr is trying to utilize his reach advantage and strings several punch combinations together. Forsey fires back even more aggressive with each shot sounding like an eruption. Darr stays adamant on staying on the outside while Forsey stays calm and stalks his prey, landing when he precisely moves in, he lands mixing it up from head to body strikes, gaining momentum as time progresses.

Round 3: Both fighters trade jabs to start the round but quickly get to work exchanging heavy leather until both clinch, separate and repeat. Forsey starts to slow the pace, looking to land clean and efficiently but Darr utilizes the closing seconds of the round to score points and stay active, landing a 3 piece punch combination to a leg kick which draws a close to the round.

Round 4: Forsey takes to the center cage trading heavy punch combinations back and forth. Darr’s corner calls for several headkicks to which the fighter answers like a robot, firing at the call. In a toss up round, Forsey stayed in the pocket looking to land a heavy punch and landing several, while Darr circles on the outside picking his shots.

Round 5: Both fighters start the round firing straight punches down the middle at the other, putting caution to the wind. When Forsey steps in, he lands stiff straight punches and follows with thudding body kicks. Darr continues to pick shots from the outside in an all out brawl. With time winding down, Forsey puts a stamp on the round firing until the bell sounds.

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Kenan Forsey

7. Heavyweight MMA: John Michael vs. Gregg White

Round 1: Michael starts this contest with two leg kicks to which White follows with his own leg kick. Michael closes the distance rushing forward but White circles out to resume the action back to center cage. White utilizes his distance to paw his jab with Michael closing the distance and gaining the takedown on White. White makes his way to his feet while absorbing punches, and Michael is able to secure the takedown again, searching for the Americana to close the round.

Round 2: White swarms in on Michael landing a flush overhand right wobbling Michael and landing another right hand that sends Michael across the cage. White charges in for a flying front kick against Michael who has his back against the cage and narrowly misses. Both fighters exchange heavy leather back and forth until the end of the round when Michael gets a last second takedown to score.

Round 3: Both fighters are clearly exhausted circling the cage for several moments before White throws a straight right that Michael slips. Michael slips underneath for the takedown. The referee doesn’t see the action he wants and stands the fighters back up. Michael looks for the takedown but White avoids it and begins teeing off on Michael, hurting him several times. Michael regains composure and gets the energy of the Incredible Hulk for an enormous slam on White. Both fighters get back to the center of the cage with time left for one final flurry which Michael uses to secure one final takedown to close the round.

Winner via Unanimous Decision: John Michael

6. Bantamweight MMA: Ben Levin vs. Roe Mar Blacknail

Round 1: Both fighters touch gloves and Levin starts the work with a leg kick. Levin swarms Blacknail with vicious punch combinations until both fighters meet against the fence with Levin looking for a standing guillotine. Blacknail escapes and gets distance for a moment but Levin swarms inside again grabbing Blacknail and heavily slamming him to the ground where he gains top control, postures up and starts with the heavy ground and pound. While Blacknail scrambled, Levin secures head control and holds on to close the opening round.

Round 2: Neither fighter wastes time and meets center cage for a brief slugfest. Levin lands first to wobble Blacknail and follows up with a takedown landing in side control. Blacknail scrambles but Levin is aware of Blacknails intentions and is able to get the better of the scrambles each time. Blacknail attempts a kimura from the bottom, however, Levin works through to land some ground and pound to draw a close to the second round.

Round 3: Both fighters plant their feet in the ground and start swinging for the fence. This time, Blacknail lands first wobbling Levin. In what seems to be an accidental eye poke, The referee calls a halt in the action to examine Levin. Once the action resumes, Blacknail continues the assault with his opponent having disrupted vision. Levin switches levels for the takedown against the cage and drags Blacknail to the ground. Levin remains on top to draw a close to the round.

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Ben Levin

5. 168 lb. Glory Rules Kickboxing: Doug Addison vs. Adam Miller

Round 1: Miller leads the contest with two leg kicks to which Addison fires a straight right down the middle. Miller switches stances often giving different angles and looks to Addison which “The Bearded Warrior” had some difficulties adjusting to early on. Miller clinches with a knee landing and breaks cleanly. Addison stays on Miller with ferocity in his punches but Miller is able to keep his distance and pick his shots while being stalked.

Round 2: The second round begins a lot like the last round left off, Addison trying to maintain the inside distance to pick his heavy shots with Miller seemingly getting flustered with the relentless pressure. Miller is throwing sidekicks to keep Addison at bay, but Addison seems to have found his hurt foe and begins throwing well timed flurries to keep Miller on his heels.

Round 3: Addison has figured out the puzzle in front of him and jumps on his opponent quickly. Addison pieced together combinations throughout the entire round, landing at will for 2 standing eight counts. The punishment continued until the final bell sounded and Addison raised his hands as to know he was the victor of the contest.

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Doug Addison

4. 160 lb. Kickboxing: Eric Brown vs. Chris Sperow

Round 1: Sperow begins the bout with a right hook that lands flush but Brown counters with an onslaught, himself. Sperow is popping his jab but Brown is able to duck under, landing clean punches to the head that has Sperow temporarily wobbled. Sperow begins to retreat as Brown picks up the pace sensing a hurt opponent in front of him. The fighters clinch in the middle exchanging knees to draw a close to the opening round.

Round 2: Sperow begins the round feinting and popping his jab with Brown able to duck under to work his way inside for heavier shots. Sperow backs up and is able to string a few punch combinations that land clean, but Brown marches forward showing ring leadership and constant pressure. With 10 seconds left in the round, Sperow lands a right hook to a knee inside to the mid section as the bell sounds.

Round 3: Brown comes in looking to close the distance immediately but Sperow lands a hook to knee to the body. Brown keeps charging forward and stays the more active fighter but Sperow is landing the more effective strikes at this juncture. With 10 seconds left Brown steps on the gas pedal looking for a last second flurry but the final bell sounds.

Winner via Unanimous decision: Eric Brown

3. 155 lb. No Gi Grappling: Taylor Pierce vs. Sean Ashley

Round 1: Ashley attacks the leg first with Pierce looking for a leg lock early. Both grapplers get back to their feet and Ashley shoots again for the takedown as Pierce rolls for yet, another leg lock but Ashley stands. Ashley pulls guard feinting to throw his legs up for an armbar but rolls for a leg, himself and secures the heel hook victory.

Winner: Sean Ashley via Heel Hook at 1:11

2. 160 lb. Catchweight MMA: Erik Marsh vs. Michael Semelsberger

Round 1: Semelsberger begins the fight with a nasty display of standup as he pieces leg kicks and crisp punch combinations together. Marsh is able to secure a takedown and it is clear who the superior grappler is. Marsh is able to secure heavy slams, drags Semelsberer down multiple times and uses his submission setups for ground and pound or vice versa. In a round that started heavily in Semelsberger favor, Marsh finishes the round on top.

Round 2: Semelsberger begins the round with a huge overhand right landing behind the ear of Marsh, but Marsh walks through it unfazed, looking to close the distance and secure the takedown again. Marsh gets what he wants and takes Semelsberger down to side control and gains the front head lock. Semelsberger distances himself with Marsh shooting again, relentlessly and undenied. Semelsberger is able to get the reversal and is now on top with Marsh looking for a triangle that’s to no avail drawing a close to the round.

Round 3: Marsh leads the round with a front kick and seems willing to exchange. Semelsberger looks for the takedown this time with Marsh landing on top and utilizing his wrestling prowess to keep Semelsberger down, switching positions several times. Marsh gains back control and looks for the choke but Semelsberger spits out his mouthpiece. After several attempts, the referee has seen enough and decides to stop the bout in favor of Marsh.

Winner via TKO at 2:23 of Round 3: Erik Marsh

1. Flyweight MMA: Reece Ward vs. Antonio Lopez

Round 1: With no feeling out process, Lopez secures a takedown against the cage. Ward is able to stand but dragged back down for a minimal period. Ward gets back to his feet and gets to work with his striking. Lopez seems disinterested in a slugfest and has taken to clinching Ward against the cage to grind his opponent. With Wards back against the cage, Lopez looks to take Ward down again. With one slight mistake, Lopez overthrows a right hand and Ward is able to capitalize with a standing guillotine choke. Lopez escapes and Ward looks to land heavy with a punch combination which narrowly misses. Lopez secures the takedown and gains side control to draw a close to the round.

Round 2: Ward signals to touch gloves but his opponent refuses. Ward charges forward landing a punch combination to the disliking of Lopez as he takes Ward down again and begins with the ground and pound. The action slows and the referee calls for a break for Ward using his toes to grab the fence (a penalty that cost Ward a 2 point deduction). With back and forth scrambles, the round ends with Lopez on top.

Round 3: Lopez begins the round with a headkick which widely misses and Ward goes to work with crisp punch combinations that back up Lopez. Lopez shoots for the takedown with no effort behind it as he is clearly becoming exhausted. This round is all Ward as he is able to rag doll Lopez switching from submissions to striking combinations, to heavy ground and pound. The bout was on the cusp of being stopped but the final bell sounded to end the bout.

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Antonio Lopez

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