VIDEO: Stretch with ‘Karate Hottie’ Michelle Waterson

UFC strawweight fighter Michelle Waterson has published a new video on her YouTube channel to help encourage proper stretching technique. Come stretch with ‘Karate Hottie.’

From her post:

“In this video I go over the importance of stretching and when the best time to stretch is. I recommend stretching after your muscles are warm. This will help prevent injury and improve your flexibility.”

“So what do you do before working out…? Active warmups! An active warm up is a set of easy exercises that will get the blood pumping through your body, and loosen your muscles enough to prevent your muscles from tearing. You don’t want to stretch too much before practice because then your muscles will be too loose. You want your muscles to retain that elasticity and pop, so your technique is the most effective.”

When stretching the key things to remember are to:

  1. Make sure your muscles are warm
  2. Don’t forget to breathe
  3. Do the stretch correctly
  4. Feel the strain, not the pain
  5. Stay consistent with your routine
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