Sumeet Khade

Sumeet Khade: Carrying the torch for Indian MMA

Fighting out of Mumbai, India Sumeet Khade is featherweight prospect with an overall record of 9-2. Khade has burst onto the scene this year for the well-known Indian based promotion in Super Fight League. Khade has quickly built a three-fight win streak to his name and looks to add so much more to his career and still accomplish his dreams.

First of all, how did you get into MMA and do you have any background in any other sports?
When I was nine (years old) I started karate after acquiring black belt into that I started learning kickboxing. I saw Anderson Silva on television while fighting in the UFC. I inspired through him and I started to learn groundwork and got involved in MMA

Is MMA your full-time job or are you working somewhere else as well? 3.Can you explain who you train with and how you came across the camp? Also, who are some of your main sparring partners?
I train everyday but need to think about financial too. So i give some personal training. I train myself usually but from the last 2 months I train at fit and fight club. They have really good grapplers and I learn a lot through them. Chaitanya Gavali, Sanjiwan Padwal is my lead sparring partners they are pro fighters.

What would be your favorite striking technique and grappling technique?
My favorite striking technique is giving a faint strike and hit power punch or kick to target. And grappling I like to control my opponent and strike.

You are from India, can you talk about the MMA culture in India? Also, do you have any desire to fight outside of India? Is so, where?
MMA in India is not as like overseas but now the craze has increased towards MMA and lot of fighters started to learn. I don’t have anything yet coming up but soon I will fight in overseas. Everyone has a dream to fight in UFC. Same as I have to prove myself and will fight one day in UFC.

What is your favorite thing to eat while cutting weight and then after cutting weight?
I usually prefer Indian food to cut the weight. High protein food it can be anything eggs, chicken and all and zero carbs. After cutting weight I have bread peanut butter my favorite food.

What is your favorite memory of your whole MMA career as of now?
One strike knockout with Pawan Goyat which got viral all over the world.

One dream fight, who would you like to square off with?
Anderson Silva.

What makes you a different fighter from everyone else?
I’m more focused on my footwork and IQ strategies.

The SFL league has been getting some backlash with fixing fights. What is your response to that and how has been your relationship with the promotion?
Fixing fights is really stupid talk because we are fighters and we go into the ring to show our performance it’s not cricket or football for fixing the fight. Yes I know there are a lot of issues regarding referee and all but as a fighter, I am doing my job sincerely and promotion is good with me.

Three wins in a row now, what do you want next and when do you want to fight again? Maybe take some time off from fighting three times in one month week after week?
I will start training and will improve where I made mistakes then I will fight because people have a lot of expectations from me I don’t want to break trust. Will get more stronger and maybe in June I will fight.

Late last year, Bharat Kandare became the first Indian-born fighter to sign with the UFC. Do you look to follow those footsteps and how important is it to carry the torch for Indian MMA?
Bharat Khandare is my good friend from the same management at Superhuman and also train with him while his fight in UFC. I don’t like to follow any fighter because I worked hard for it and later also I will work and will get in the UFC one day.

For fans that’s never watched you fight, explain what to expect and why they should tune in?
I fight unorthodox and people will love to see me while fighting. I have reach and strong IQ when I step into the ring. Will for sure everyone will love to watch me.

How has the reaction been from that head kick knockout?
I was confident of throwing roundhouse kicks because I train from since I was a kid to land kicks on target and I just applied. It was an amazing feeling. You can say the unforgettable moment of my life.
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