Takasuke Kume

Takasuke Kume on Next Big Challenge at RIZIN 24

RIZIN 24 features one of the best JMMA fights in the world. Takasuke Kume takes on Satoru Kitaoka in a 157 MMA bout. The card is stacked with names like Tenshin Nasukawa and Kai Asakura. Kume takes on Kitaoka looking to advance his 23-6-3 record and make his claim as best RIZIN lightweight.

Takasuke Kume started MMA out of sheer curiosity. He joined his current gym simply because he passed it every day on his way to school.

”I’ve always had interest in MMA, but the reason why I joined the ALIVE gym is because it was would pass by the gym every day on my way to college, and I thought getting good excise would benefit me.”

Outside of fighting, Kume enjoys a life of relaxation. He says, “I love hitting the hot springs and bathes. I like to go on hot spring trips when I have time off, and I regularly go to near by bath houses.”

Takasuke Kume at RIZIN 24

Takasuke Kume has fought in Shooto, Road FC, Pancrase and ONE Championship. Making his RIZIN debut, he checks another staple off of his list of best Japanese promotions he’s competed in. Kume wants to face tough competition and he believes RIZIN provides the next level for he and his goal.

“This will very challenging to me. My goal is to continue to face tough competition so I think this move will keep me busy with what I desire.”

While Kume is very experienced, his opponent, Satoru Kitaoka, is even more experienced. Kume is no stranger to being the lesser experienced fighter, even at this stage in his career. He simply wants to go out and give the best performance he can at RIZIN 24.

“I want to give everything I’ve got and focus on making the best decisions during the fight.”

His career is far from over and Kume is fighting well as of late. In his RIZIN debut, he hopes to up his game and continue to challenge himself as a martial artist.

“It’s not really a set goal, but I want to keep challenging myself until the end, and I want to keep showing my work and results to the people who support me.”

Bellator and RIZIN have done cross promotion events in the past. When asked if Takasuke Kume would like to take part in such an event, he said of course. It goes back to challenging himself and becoming the best martial artist he can.

“Of course I do. Right now I am focused on Kitaoka, but like I said, my goal is to keep competing against tough opponents so I would definitely be interested facing tougher and tougher opponents.”

Takasuke Kume goes to war at RIZIN 24. Thanks for reading!

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