Tanner Boser

Tanner Boser discusses Andrei Arlovski co-main event UFC bout

Tanner Boser fights Andrei Arlovski on November 7th. The heavyweight collision is set to go at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. Below are several excerpts from my recent conversation with the Bulldozer ahead of his high with the Pitbull.

Tanner Boser

Rescheduled fight timeline

“Well, yeahit got pushed back a month. It was supposed to be October 3rd and now it’s November 7th, and not the end of the world obviously. I was good to go October 3rd so I was a little bit annoyed but it didn’t matter so much. I believe though that the reason Arlovski got it pushed back was because he knew that November 7th would be back in Vegas and October 3rd would have been on Fight Island and maybe he didn’t want to make the flight to Fight Island. That’s what I’m speculating and you know what I don’t hate it. I’m happy to go to Vegas I don’t want to go back to Fight Island right now so that’s fine by me.”

Tanner Boser vs Andrei Arlovski

I remember an interview we did a while back when you were still competing for ACB which is now ACA. But there was the idea around that point of there being a possible Frank Mir fight that could come to fruition. There was some dialogue going on of him joining up and there seemed to be a level of fascination to that. Someone you kind of had watched on TV. Is there a similar kind of element to this Arlovski fight in a way or perhaps not so much?

“I’d say, not so much. Yeah, there was a possibility of a Frank Mir fight for ACA I thought. But he never ended up fighting for them anyways. He went to Bellator instead. Arlovski I’ve watched for a long time. But when Arlovski was he was having his heyday like when he was the champion, that was before I watched UFC. I knew of him, and then I watched him in Strikeforce and I watched him when he came back and he went on a run. Always enjoyed watching Arlovski, and I still do. I like the way he fights. But, Frank Mir was a guy that I pretty consistently cheered for. I still usually want Arlovski to win but I don’t know. Frank Mir was one of my favorites when I was younger. So it’s not really the same.”

Shaved Bears

Shaved Bears training dynamic

“Honestly, it’s the same as always. Everybody’s always training hard. We have so many guys that could just get a fight right now if it was possible and they would look great. You know as soon as it was okay to train again. I’ve been training hard. Our team is looking good, but it’s not only because guys got fights guys were looking good before they got the fights. Spencer Jebb, KB (Bhullar), they’re in there training anyways. So everything’s going good at the gym. Hopefully some of the other guys there that were on a roll before guys like maybe Graham Park or something could get a fight too and that would be good.”

 Claw machines and The Killers

The only thing that you really seem to get super fired up for is using the claw machine. Being the claw machine goat and all.

“Been a long time since I’ve hit up a claw machine too honestly. No more, you know, no more working late nights. No more going to Denny’s and that’s when you hit up the claw machine.”

You’re a fan of the Killers and everything like that. Have you been jamming the new album a fair bit? I noticed Imploding the Mirage came out.

“Yeah, I have. It’s a good album. I liked it. Yeah, I think it’s good.”

For my full conversation with Tanner Boser, check it out in the link provided

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