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Terry Bartholomew on Kasey Tanner: “I’m feeling good about a second-round submission”

Interview with Terry Bartholomew above

Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, short notice fights seem to have found their way into a sense of normalcy. Thus, when the opportunity presents itself, especially in these uncertain times, it pays to stay ready.

When CFFC veteran, Terry “The Duke” Bartholomew got the short notice call to step in to face the undefeated prospect, Kasey Tanner on March 11th, he was more than eager for a comeback.

“At this point in time, there’s not a lot of flights to go around. We as professionals have to take what we can get right now. It’s a good fight it’s a great organization. I don’t know why I would turn it down.”

Coming off a loss to CFFC bantamweight contender, Phil Caracappa, “The Duke” took time to work “on my striking a lot! I’m feeling much more comfortable all the time,” he says. “We are going to kind of see what opportunities present themselves as we work on our game plan.”

Touching on his matchup in Kasey Tanner, “The Duke” is well aware of the challenges in front of him. “There’s nowhere where I’m just going to run him over. I respect everything that guy has to offer,” Bartholomew emphasizes. “When this bell rings I feel like there’s going to be a little bit of a feeling-out period. Like any fight, we’re going to kind of measure each other.” Continuing, “a lot of pressure! A lot of hands. A lot of shooting, mix it up, clinch work. If it goes to the ground, great! If it doesn’t, hey, we can work from there too!”

Tune in above! Terry “The Duke” Bartholomew checks in with MyMMANews to discuss how his short-notice bout against Kasey Tanner at CFFC 92 came to fruition. He discusses his improvements since his last bout, his thoughts on Tanner as an opponent and so much more!

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