“The Mountain” Thor Bjornsson to Box Eddie Hall, World’s Strongest Man In 2021

Celebrity boxing will peak in 2021. Thor Bjornsson, also known as “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones, and World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, have both signed an agreement to boxing in 2021. The two behemoth of men will fight September 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

787 pounds of pure muscle and testosterone will step into the ring in September. Thor Bjornsson weighs about 425 pounds at a height of 6’9″. Hall, on the other hand, weighs 362 pounds and is 6’3″. The two behemoths are not looking for a quick cash grab, they are dedicating the next year and a half of their lives to prepare for this boxing bout.

Bjornsson, most famously, had a clip of he and Conor McGregor sparring for fun go viral. Watch that below!

Squashing Thor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall’s Beef

Bjornsson broke Hall’s deadlift World Record this past weekend, lifting 1,104 pounds, over half a ton but out of competition. Hall accused Bjornsson and his crew of bullying tactics saying on Instagram, “Their attitude & behavior is generally intimidation & bullying if even the smallest thing doesn’t go Thor’s way. Talk about unsportsmanlike and unprofessional behavior, you’ve got it right there.”

Hall went on to say he looks forward to his record being broken and he thinks Thor Bjornsson will be the man to do it. “I think you are probably the man to do it, there’s no denying that & I’ll still shake your hand afterwards and say well done.”

Bjornsson responded by calling Hall “an arrogant asshole.” He continued, “Core Sports just offered me a seven-figure contract,” Bjornsson said. “Eddie Hall has been running his mouth now for weeks and I know he got the same deal. So: Eddie, I just knocked out your record and now I’m ready to knock you out in the ring.”

A seven figure contract is huge for both guys who have never boxed before. Regardless, it will draw eyes, with it already being dubbed “The heaviest boxing match in history.” When it goes down, My MMA News will keep you posted on how, where and when to watch! Thanks for reading.

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