The Unsung Heroes of Triller Fight Club

The Unsung Heroes of Triller Fight Club

Triller Fight Club looks like it isn’t going anywhere. Especially, with Jake Paul finding success against opponents less experienced than him in boxing, he will likely headline another event. No offense to Ben Askren either, his success in MMA came from his wrestling, not his stand-up striking. 

However, the two men that faced each other on that card do not seem to be getting the praise they deserve. Steve Cunningham and Frank Mir faced each other last weekend, went the distance and both walked away with some value afterward. Cunningham won via unanimous decision but in the true spirit of martial arts competition, one man took the win and the other took the lesson. 

Every time a fighter from MMA steps into boxing it is called a “crossover”, because it seems common since Conor McGregor faced Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2017 for someone from MMA to test themselves under boxing rules. Mir, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion stepped in to face former two-time IBF Cruiserweight Champion Cunningham.  Of course, the seasoned boxer won the boxing match but Mir went the distance which is more than McGregor did in his attempt. 

Cunningham told the media afterward (h/t Sherdog Youtube channel), “He represented beautifully. You know, as a champion as a champion should.  That’s a challenge he saw, a challenge he wanted to take it and he did. He did that, he gave his best effort.”

Mir, who is looking to “toe the line” in BKFC took this as an opportunity to throw himself into the fire of the sweet science of boxing and did it against one of the best in Cunningham. Mir said, “I’m somewhat happy with my performance,” and added, “getting hit with 10-ounce gloves are not as bad as four-ounce gloves.” 

But Mir, for someone that lost never seemed happier. A few days after the event, Mir posted the following on social media and wrote, “It’s not always going to be easy, the odds might be against you and you might not win but you don’t give up. Warriors teaching warriors the way.” He thanked Triller and Cunningham in his post.

After Triller Fight Club aired, fans had fun wondering who is next for Paul, kicking Askren while he was down and criticizing the presentation of the event. But when the trolling is over, maybe give some thanks to the two former champs that went out there and competed without trash talk before, during, or after their match. 

Great match gentlemen.

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Edward Carbajal
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