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Travis Foster: “Everything had to change”

Like many wrestlers, Travis Foster decided that after his time on the mat was over, that his next competitive journey would be in competitive mixed martial arts. Everyone plans for success, but what happens when things don’t go according to plan? Travis Foster decided to make some major changes.

After falling to 0-3 Foster said, “I was done. I went home, went on the Jacksonwink website, filled out the fighter inquiry. The portion that says how long do you plan to stay for, I put ‘forever’ and bought a one-way ticket. I’ve been here two-years now.

“The move had to happen,” Foster explained.

“I knew it wasn’t a minor thing, or one adjustment. I knew everything had to change. My entire fighting style had to be rebuilt from the ground up.”

Foster had also gained a reputation for taking any fight with anyone and that’s led to competing all over the board, from lightweight to middleweight and everywhere in-between; with the results being less than ideal.

“My goal for sure is to be a sign of hope and inspiration for others,” Foster said.

“My record where it sits at (2-8), the average person would hang it up right now and just figure something else out; and retire or get a real job. I want to show that it’s never too late. I may be at 2-8, I can become a title holder. I’m in a position where I win this next fight and then the next fight is a title fight.”

June 1, at Maverick 13, Travis Foster faces Travis Creamer in a Super Lightweight (165 lbs.) title eliminator.

“I’m expecting the best version of him anyone has ever seen.”

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