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Interview – Triton Fights Middleweight Champion Eric Ott

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.” -Winnie The Pooh

The Triton Fights middleweight champion Eric Ott sat down with My MMA News Sunday for an exclusive interview. Ott claimed his title in front of a sold-out Long Island crowd as he defeated Dan Coleman. The Long Island MMA and Bellmore Kickboxing athlete stunned Coleman seconds into the first round. Ott landed a combination to earn a TKO victory nineteen seconds into the co-main event of, World’s Collide (The inaugural event for ACC and KTFO’s organizational merger).

Eric Ott
Eric Ott being introduced before his fight vs. Dan Coleman at World’s Collide.

If a person unfamiliar with Eric Ott asked me to describe him, the most difficult task would be finding words worthy of describing him. He’s a highly intelligent, well-spoken person with the friendly demeanor of Winnie the pooh. Ott is easily one of the nicest people you’ll ever come across. In addition, he’s also a very inspiring young man. As a husband and father, with a baby girl due in July, Ott manages to balance a full-time job, training at the gym six times a week, hosts the Sixth Borough Podcast with his friends, and spending time with his family.

While getting to know the Tritons Fights middleweight champion you’ll learn quickly how eager Ott is to learn and absorb knowledge like a sponge. He applies this mindset and his relentless work ethic to his sessions at the gym. Training at Long Island MMA and Bellmore Kickboxing, which are probably the two premier Mixed Martial Arts gym in New York State. Aside from training with Triton Fights welterweight champion John Gotti, and No. 1 welterweight contender Austin Wolfson, Ott worked extensively with 12-ranked UFC welterweight Ryan LaFlare and UFC lightweight’s Chris Wade and Gregor Gillespie preparing for his title defense against Marcus Chin.

“You get an idea of how to carry yourself, how you should live and how you should structure your life to be successful in the sport you want to do and for me that’s MMA,” Ott mentioned during the interview. He spoke how he looks up to his coach and teammate Ryan LaFlare, who is a husband and father, homeowner, runs a world class gym and ranked in among the Top 15 welterweights in the world.

While speaking with the champion there were two interesting topics that really stood out that pertained to training and fighting. The first was when Ott spoke about compartmentalizing his life and everyday tasks. Many fighters and people allow work to invade family time or vice versa, find themselves struggling with the inability to focus on their objective. Ott made it clear when he’s at the gym he is focused on improving and working hard towards his goals but when he’s at home with his wife and son Max, that time is dedicated to his family.

The second interesting subject Ott discussed was his training. What made his training so intriguing was the fact that he mentioned how he tries to improve or change his training camp by adjusting only a small part or one component of his training. For his upcoming fight, he added spending more time in a sauna because he read scientific studies that provided evidence that more time in a sauna increases red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the muscles, which will increase his stamina during his fight. By adjusting only a small component of his training camp, Ott removed elements with zero benefits. Many fighters do a complete overhaul and tend to struggle to find out which part of their camp were successful.

Ott (2-1) seeks his first title defense at Triton Fights 2 on Friday, April 28, 2017. All three of his bouts come by the way of TKO/KO. His opponent will enter the cage with a 5-6 record. Chin has one victory via (T)KO and four wins by unanimous decision. Ott will have another opportunity to display his strong striking on Friday night when he battles Chin for the 185-pound amateur title. Eric Ott is a tall lanky fighter, standing at 6’3″ tall, but don’t let his frame miss inform you, he possesses power in his hands and excellent grappling strength as well. The Long Island MMA fighter is capable of ending a fight no matter the geography of the fight.Eric Ott - Triton Fights

Triton Fights 2 takes place Friday night at The Space at Westbury in Westbury, NY. Triton Fights is the product of Aggressive Combat Championships and KTFO merging to create the current premier amateur MMA organization in the state of New York. The USMTA is the sanctioning body for Triton Fights. The doors open at 6 pm and the stacked fight card jumps off at 7 pm. Fans can expect a night full of entertaining fights on an action packed fight card, and from Ott and Chin they can expect fireworks from two fighters with power to end the fight early and two warriors that contain the mental fortitude to grind out a three-round war.

Weigh-ins take place Thursday night at 6 p.m. EST. at Canz in Westbury. Fans can expect a night full of entertaining fights on an action packed fight card, and from Ott and Chin, they can expect fireworks from two fighters with power to finish a fight and two warriors that also contain the mental fortitude to grind out a three-round war.

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