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Up Your Style: How to Wear Summer Dresses in Festival

Author: Ariana Mortenson


When festival is about to approaching and it’s time to pick out the dresses you want to wear this festive season. However, you don’t have to wear the same winter dresses that you wore last year. And you don’t need to rush to the stores to buy a new one. This season, up your fashion game by giving a twist to your summer dresses.

Most of us maintain separate wardrobes for summers and winters and don’t think about a way to collaborate. As summer apparel mainly consists of sleeveless tops, breezy dresses, and loose shorts, the idea of wearing them in winters may chill your skin. No matter where you live in this world, in winters, you need thick layers of cloth to keep your skin warm.

But have you ever thought of combining the style of the two seasons like wearing a sweatshirt below your summer dress? It does sound warm and cosy, right? It can also become one of the cool festive outfit ideas, and you can impress your friends with your new style.

Today, we tell you more such ideas so that you can utilize your wardrobe to its maximum. It’s also one of the sustainable ideas and you’d be doing more good to our Earth. So, let’s explore the ideas one by one:

  • Leggings or thermal tights to keep your legs warm

The main obstacle in wearing one of your summer dresses is that they don’t come with matching bottoms. So, naturally, you keep it aside during winters. However, pairing your dress with neutral colour leggings, like black, white and cream, will immediately look like a fashion statement.

For instance, if you have a blue floral dress, you can pair it with a dark black legging to cover your legs.

Leggings will do the work in keeping you warm, but if you think it isn’t enough, then thermal tights are the next best alternative. The good thing about tights is that they are available in every skin colour. It gives an illusion that you didn’t wear anything and keeps the style of the dress intact while also keeping you warm.

Accessories: You can wear black boots (either long or short) and complete the look with jeans or a normal jacket. And that’s it, you are perfect to stroll around the streets this Christmas.

  • Sweatshirt or another dress below the main dress

Suppose you have a short sleeveless dress that you like to wear a lot. However, wearing such dresses in winter is next to impossible. But wearing under it a thick sweatshirt or another long-sleeved dress will do the trick in keeping you warm.

You can also wear turtle neck shirts as it covers the entire neck area. It’s one of the coolest ideas to transition your summer dresses.

Accessories: Warm tights, boots, and a long winter jacket (another layer on top of your dress when it’s too cool outside)

  • A jumper or sweatshirt on top of a plain summer dress

You might also have plain summer dresses that you packed away this winter. Get them all out and wear them by pairing them with a thick jumper on top of it. You can either try printed or plain patterns while wearing a jumper.

If you feel the jumper is too loose on top of your dress, wear a belt and tighten the waist part to get the trendy and stylish look.

When paired correctly, this combo brings a semi-formal look and you can wear it to your office and show off your new winter style. Don’t forget to pair it with some personalized enamel pins to add some personal flair to your outfit. This is a great way to incorporate the current trend of layering into your wardrobe while also making use of your summer dresses that might not be getting as much wear during the colder months.

Accessories: Thermal tights or leggings, boots or half-shoes with socks andwaist belt.

  • Loose cargo pants with thick and tight winter top

Not always you wear dresses in summers. You might also have loose cargo pants that you normally pair with a shirt or T-shirt. In winters, you can pair the same with a turtle-neck, jumper or a long-sleeved shirt.

For a slim look, you can tuck the top to the pant and you can see that it’s one of the killer ways to style cargo pants.

Accessories: Tights inside the cargo pants, a thermal vest inside the shirt for extra warmth. You can’t wear boots with cargo pants so opt for socks and closed shoes.

  • Long coat and colourful scarf

If you don’t like wearing anything under or over your summer dress, then the best option is to opt for a long winter coat. It not only keeps you warm in the cold weather but also looks fashionable. For added chicness, you can complete the look with a bright-coloured scarf. And you are ready to grasp the attention when you go shopping for Christmas.

If you don’t have long coats, you can also wear leather jackets and pair them with thermal tights/leggings with long boots.

Accessories: If it’s too chilly, you can wear gloves and wear a coat on top of it. In other cases, you can opt for a thick shrug or a denim jacket.

  • Summer dress paired with blazer or jacket

The above options are great when you spend time outside. But what about attending office celebrations and you want to look exceptional but decent. Then pair your summer sleeveless dress with a blazer or a work jacket and watch yourself transition to the best-dressed employee in your office.

You not only enjoy the celebrations but also stand as a style statement in your office.

Accessories: Keep the accessories as minimal as possible. Opt for plain office shoes or a simple scarf to complete the look.

Colour Choices When Pairing Summer Dresses.

When you want to transition to a look, you should be careful about the colour combinations. The mix and match ideas only work when you choose the colours that complement each other.

For instance, in winters, browns, blues, whites, greys and reddish shades look well outside the weather. And your summer dresses might be in bright colours with floral patterns. To mix the two, you have to choose one neutral colour and the other a bright one. If your dress is plain and dark, make sure the winter accessories are a bit colourful and vice versa. Only then do you nail the transitioned look and stand as a fashionable person with great festival ideas.

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