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Upsets at Submission Underground 3 – Looking Ahead to SUG 4 Event Results MMA News Opinion 

Upsets at Submission Underground 3 – Looking Ahead to SUG 4

Upsets at Submission Underground 3 - Looking Ahead to SUG 4

Upsets at Submission Underground 3 – Looking Ahead to SUG 4

Submission Underground 3

Last night at Chael Sonnen’s Submission Underground 3, some of the best talents in grappling was displayed in the SUG cage in Oregon.

The main card featured some UFC fighters, some boys from New Jersey, and some big upsets.

The card started off with New Jersey’s Gordon Ryan defeating the talented Joe Baize via armbar in a triangle. The match was very one-sided with Baize applying pressure to the legs of Ryan, but the boy from Jersey, took Baize’s back and went to work for the slick submission victory.

The next match was the biggest upset of the night. UFC vet, Chad ‘Money’ Mendes, and the dangerous Jeff Glover battled back and forth until the time expired. In overtime, Glover sunk in a rear naked choke (RNC) in 35 seconds. Glover jumped to the top of the cage to celebrate, but it was short lived. Chad now had his turn in sudden victory and sunk in a tight RNC of his own in only 8 seconds for the upset victory.

Chad Mendes defeats Jeff Glover at SUG 3
Chad Mendes defeats Jeff Glover at SUG 3

Another UFC vet, Antonio Carlos Jr., faced one of the world’s best grapplers, Garry Tonon. Tonon who has faced the likes of the great Kron Gracie and co-headliner AJ Agazarm, is a very successful grappler in his own right. But, the young Brazilian Antonio won with a beautiful flying triangle. He brought Tonon down to the ground and wrapped his long legs around his opponent, pulled hard and in just under 3 minutes into the match pulled off a fantastic and exciting victory.

In the main event, Dillon Danis faced off against the dangerous AJ Agazarm. Danis who is from New Jersey, like Ryan and Tonon, put the pressure on AJ right away. The bigger, stronger Danis was unable to do much in the exchanges over the smaller Agazarm, but the winner would be decided in overtime. Danis’ submission escapes were quicker then Agazarms escapes in the OT thus declaring Danis the winner of the main event. While receiving his SUG belt in his victory from Agazarm, Danis with a closed black eye from an accidental heel that he took during regulation, called for a match against the fight king Jon Jones. He told Chael Sonnen before walking out of the cage “Jon Jones you are a Fing Bh!”

It was reported earlier this month that Jones’ next match for Submission Underground would be against fellow UFC fighter Luke Rockhold. Coming off a nice performance against the legend Dan Henderson, I think these two could meet down the line. I personally would like to see Danis vs Kron Gracie some time soon, but we will see what they have in store for the entertaining McGregor like Dillon Danis.

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