Vince Ciulla

Vince Ciulla gets his therapy at Wright Fight Concepts, and medals at NJ BJJ Summer Classic

Recently at USKA Delaware, I caught up with my fellow regional combats sports enthusiast Vince Ciulla. who was on staff helping put on a hell of an event that featured two fight cards and an outdoor venue for Gary Grant’s USKA Fight Sports.  Ciulla was heading home right after to get some rest because the following day, he was competing in the NJ BJJ Summer Classic.  Vince wound up doing very well for himself and this week,  MyMMANews grabbed him for a few minutes to talk about his performance and how he found the current lifestyle in jiu-jitsu.  Ciulla says about his path…

“It was time for a lifestyle change for me.  I had a lot of history with addiction and I wound up getting treatment, when I came out I found Damien (Wright) and Jeff (Cressman).  They took me in under their arms and are like brothers and fathers to me.  I love the camaraderie of it and the atmosphere of it.  I was able to finally feel something good about myself. Training is something that makes me feel good.”

You can see our video chat on the attached link.

These are the kinds of stories that show how valuable training a martial art can be in that many use it for therapy, both physical and mental.  It is why much of the community struggled throughout the lockdowns and pandemic.  That mat, cage, ring, or whatever it may be, is important for positive energy to feed your mind and body.

Damien Wright is the owner/operator of  Wright Fight Concepts located at 126 Evergreen Rd, New Egypt, NJ,08533.  Damien has wisely hooked up with Jeff Cressman, who is a technician and well respected instructor and coach. Together they have been helping Vince, as well as numerous other competitors, prepare and compete in several combat sports throughout the region and they have been doing a fantastic job.

Vince Ciulla

Vince Ciulla, Wright Fight Concepts

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