USKA Muay Thai in the Cage recap

Photo by Adam Crist

U.S.K.A: Muay Thai in the Cage recap

USKA: Muay Thai in the Cage went down on June 26th, outside of the Patriot Ice Center in Newark, Delaware. In a last-minute change of plans, the original venue and location was altered due to circumstances out of the promotions control. However, what do fighters do when faced with adversity? They fight, and the show must go on!

Promoter, Gary Grant Jr. proverbially made a fresh squeezed glass of lemonade out of the bunch of lemons he was unfortunately handed. With the odds stacked against him, Grant, pushed on to the very end to create an incredibly memorable event. With back-and-forth brawls to quick knockouts, USKA: Muay Thai in the Cage brought it all to the tiny first state of Delaware.

Due to the statewide Covid-19 guidelines and the extremely loaded fight card, the event was split into two separate times with the first bout card taking place at 2:00pm. Although scattered showers called a brief halt to the outdoor action on several occasions, the fans, teams fighters were able to bear the weather for the bouts they came to see. The weather cleared up for the latter portion of the evening to finalize the unforgettable, 18-bout card.

The early portion of the card (2:00 pm) packed quite a punch with the fastest knockout of the day. Fighting in front of his family, fellow marines, and fellow hockey enthusiasts, Chok Dee Athletics’, Sean Leahy stole the show during the afternoon with an inside leg kick, leading to a hook-cross combination landing flush. He continued the onslaught with another hook-cross, knocking him completely unconscious in a staggering 15 seconds into the opening stanza. With the fans flying out of their seats upon impact, the bout was over faster than it took for the fighters to make their walk to the ring. Leahy’s night came with an unexpected bonus, as he was presented with his award by his son who was proudly sitting ringside in awe of his father’s hard work, dedication and passion paying off in a matter of seconds.

During the second portion of the evening Trevahn Stephens put on a performance of sheer excellence, stopping Matt Skinner in the opening round of their championship bout. Stephens begins the bout by putting his hands out first, gauging distance and the two trade leg kicks. Stephens lands a beautiful kick. Skinner misses a head kick attempt and fires a punch combo upstairs. Stephens lands a kick follows by a stiff right hand that puts Skinner down. Skinner beats the count and doesn’t waste any time trying to get back into the fight, firing a body kick. Stephens rushes inside, landing another right hand that sends Skinner crashing to his knees. Skinner beats the count once more and Stephens senses blood in the water. He stays aggressive, throwing bombs, continuing to bully Skinner. Skinner is desperate, looking to clinch. Stephens stays persistent on his wobbly opponent and closes the show in the final second of the round, landing another devastating punch, dropping his opponent for the third time. The referee saw enough to intervene and call a half to the contest. Just like that U.S.K.A had a new 165lb Glory rules champion.

In the main event of U.S.K.A: Muay Thai in the Cage, two amateur veterans displayed their passion, skill and determination in the 175lb Muay Thai championship bout. Shaun Maloy took on Ken Butler.

Maloy gets it going from the gate, touching gloves and immediately committing to a body kick followed by leg kicks. Butler went upstairs with his punches leading to a brief clinch. The two break and Maloy picks up his aggression. Throwing heavy body kicks from the outside, Maloy sizes up his punches with a high guard. Butler is the longer fighter but having difficulty finding rhythm from the outside. In the closing seconds of the first round, Maloy presses Butler against the fence and unloads with knees as the bell sounds.

The second round begins, and Butler is pawing his jab more, coming forward with two kicks. Butler lands a heavy head kick, but Maloy walks right through it, throwing vicious punches in retaliation. Maloy throws a leg kick to work his way inside where he works his knees again. Butler meets him with his own knees as the two trade while clinched. Butler throws a head kick and Maloy presses continues to press the action. As the bout persists, the fighters are coming more alive, trading hard knees in the clinch and nasty shots from the outside.

In the final round, both fighters touch gloves and Maloy commits first with an inside leg kick. Butler returns with a head kick and Maloy pressures Butler against the fence and unleashes punches in bunches. Butler begins picking up the pressure with his kicks, switching from head to body to legs, beautifully. Maloy continues to pressure upstairs with his punches. With the final round closing, Maloy continues his nonstop pressure while Butler adapts and gets busy with knees on the inside and punches in the clinch until the bell. With the crowd on the edge of their seat, a very pro-Maloy crowd erupted to hear their fighter announced as the new U.S.K.A 175lb Muay Thai champion.

U.S.K.A was one for the memory book. Multiple champions were crowned, several devastating stoppages took place, and a packed house that would bear the weather for an outstanding night of combat sports.

Full results below:

USKA: Muay Thai in the Cage (7pm show)

◦ 1: (Submission-only or draw) 205lbs: Jay Owens vs Steve Joachim
Official result- Draw

◦ 2: (Submission-only or draw) 175lbs: Nick Mancini vs Deauntra Smith)
Official result- Nick Mancini wins via kneebar

◦ 3: (K1 rules) 145lbs: Tony Hilson vs Jared Jones
Official result- Jared Jones wins via Unanimous decision

◦ 4: (Glory rules) 135lbs: David Liang vs Collin Versaw
Official result- Collin Versaw wins via Unanimous decision

◦ 5: (K1 rules) 175lbs: Luis Rosado vs Chris Milojevich
Official result- Chris Milojevich wins via Unanimous decision

◦ 6: (Muay Thai) 155lbs: Henry Smythe vs Dylan Busche
Official result- Henry Smythe wins via Split decision

◦ 7: (K1 rules) 125lbs: Ashton Heffner vs Mario Diaz
Official result- Mario Diaz wins via Unanimous decision

◦ 8: (165lb Glory rules championship bout): Matt Skinner vs Trevahn Stephens
Official result- Trevahn Stephens wins first round via TKO

◦ 9: (175lb Muay Thai championship bout): Shaun Maloy vs Ken Butler
Official result-Shaun Maloy wins via split decision

U.S.K.A: Muay Thai in the Cage (2:00pm show)

◦ 1: (Submission only or draw) 155lbs: Michael Penza vs Dylan Harnish
Official result- Draw

◦ 2: (Muay Thai) 155lbs: Gustavo Stocco vs. Karol Lupinkski
Official result- Gustavo Stocco wins via Unanimous Decision

◦ 3: Glory rules) 180lbs: Karol Lupinkski vs Jack Rosenfield
Official result- Karol Lupinski wins via Unanimous Decision

◦ 4: (K1 rules) 155lbs: Marcus Donnadio vs Gene Kim
Official result- Gene Kim wins via Unanimous Decision

◦ 5: (K1 rules) 150lbs: Jared Clayton vs Tom Horning
Official result- Jared Clayton wins via 2nd round TKO

◦ 6: (Muay Thai) 145lbs: Dylan Beever vs Justin Lui
Official result- Dylan Beever via majority decision

◦ 7: (Muay Thai) 160lbs: Mark Piertras vs Jeff Potoka Jr.
Official result- Mark Pietras wins via 2nd round TKO

◦ 8: (Muay Thai) Heavyweight: Daniel Attinger vs Sean Leahy
Official Result-Sean Leahy wins via first round KO (13 seconds)

◦ 9: (Glory rules 130lb Championship bout): Jordan Wilson vs Joseph Clark
Official result- Jordan Wilson wins via Unanimous Decision

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