Vinny Oristaglio, PA Cage Fight 31

Vinny Oristaglio quick and to the point ahead of PA Cage Fight 31 title fight

Pennsylvania native Vinny Oristaglio finds himself smack in the middle of an advanced amateur lightweight title bout this coming Saturday night when he meets Nate Fultz at PA Cage Fight 31.  The event takes place March 31 at the Woodlands Inn Resort in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  We caught up with Vinny for a quick chat ahead of Saturday night’s scrap.

You are 6-1 as an amateur, riding a 6-fight win streak. What can you attribute your string of success to since that first fight and loss you had back in 2012?

Vinny O –I think my determination more then anything. I remember after losing that first one I told myself I’d never lose again and so far I’ve kept that promise.”

Who are you currently training with and where?

Vinny O – “I train with a lot of different guys some of the top Ammy’s and tough pros around the area and get a lot of different looks so I’m always prepared for whatever my opponent brings to the table. I’m currently training at HOA BJJ and Royal Striking.”

How do you get into the sport of mixed martial arts? I like to ask every fighter this question because they all come from different walks of life.

Vinny O – “I’ve been wrestling since second grade and when I graduated high school I had already been a fan of the UFC and decided I’d give it a shot.”

This is your first fight with PA Cage and immediately find yourself in a title shot against Nate Fultz. He too is fighting for PA Cage Fight for the very first time. What do you think that says about you two as competitors that the promoter was willing to offer you both an opportunity at a title right off the bat?

Vinny O – “Honestly I think our records speak themselves. Nate’s 4-1. I’m 6-1. My last two fights were against 3-0 guys and the fight before those was a former Ammy champ. I come to fight and I think they see that this could be an exciting title fight.”

What do you know about Nate and how do you see the fight going down?

Vinny O – “I don’t know a whole lot about my opponent but I usually don’t. I try to focus on me and making sure I’m well rounded and versatile so I can handle anything that gets thrown at me this is MMA and the days of being a one trick pony are long gone. As for how I see it going down I just expect a war as always and for him to bring his A-game but I’ll ultimately end up with my hand raised.”

Lastly, any coaches, teammates, sponsors, anyone you want to thank or social media sites you want to plug?

Vinny O – “I wanna thank my family who has always been supportive and always helped me anyway they could throughout camps. I also wanna thank the guys at Fight Firm Philly for the great work as usual plus Thiago and everyone at HOA as well as Aaron and everyone at Royal striking who has helped me take my game to the next level. Lastly I wanna thank all of my friends who continually come out and support me at these events! I also would like to thank you for having me and hope to do more interviews in the future!”

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Vinny Oristaglio, PA Cage Fight 31

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