Was this the worst rendition of the National Anthem ever?

Was this the worst rendition of the National Anthem ever?

For his sake, the singer is nameless for now, and probably hopes to remain that way. Last night, at Freedom Fight Night 3, a man who was brought in to sing the National Anthem, fell horribly flat.

The event at the Arizona Financial Theater in Phoenix, Arizona saw fighters coached by Bellator heavyweight champion Ryan Bader and former-UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson.

Freedom Fight Night was founded by entrepreneur Harrison Rogers and it appears by the way that the singer apologizes for his performance, that he was brought in to perform at the request of former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz.

Watch for yourself below:

It is uncertain if the singer just really had a bad night or if he was plucked to perform after winning a karaoke contest on wing night at the local pub.

The card featured:

Main Event CatchWeight Bout
Austin Wourms v. Bobby Moffett

Co-Main Event Middleweight Bout
Dan Huber v. Shane Sobnosky Jr.

Featured Featherweight Bout
Jorge Juarez v. Jose Delgado

Pro Middleweight Bout
Freddy Sandoval v. Eric McConico

Pro Bantamweight Bout
Cody Salazar v. Aiden Ingram

Pro Catchweight Bout
Deran Martinez v. Theo Doukas

Amateur Catchweight Bout
Kayla Reagan v. Rosalani Ikei

Amateur Catchweight Bout
Marcus Nash v. Luis Reyes

Amateur Welterweight Bout
Reyes Vasquez v. Joseph Dickerson

Amateur Heavyweight Bout
Manny Lopez v. Brandon Elias Florez

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