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Why has Boxing Been Taken Over by Celebrities and Gamers?

A lot of celebrities and gamers have chosen to enter the world of boxing. Fighters flex their muscles and throw some punches before one of them is crowned the winner. It’s not a glamorous sport in the grand scheme of things, and many see it as being rather traditional. A lot of younger people don’t have an interest in boxing at all, but that could be about to change.

The rise of celebrities and gamers who are venturing into the world of boxing is now undeniable. Jake Paul is one of the most predominant stars, and he is helping to bring the sport to a much more youthful audience. He is making boxing exciting once more, revitalising the sport as well as encouraging people from all around the world to tune in. Another example of someone who has ventured into the world of boxing would be KSI.

He is helping his YouTube audience to see the value in boxing and it’s exciting to see how far he has come in terms of his winning record.


The Rise of eSports and Gaming

One reason why so many people are going from YouTube channels to boxing is because of the rise of eSports. Gaming is now considered to be a sport in some instances, and for this reason it’s not surprising to see people go from the internet to boxing. There is now a stronger connection than ever before and this is great to say the least. In fact, if you look at some of the new eSports casinos worth visiting, you will soon find that you can bet on whether or not you think someone is going to emerge victorious at gaming tournaments. People can place bets in very similar ways that they would if they were betting on sports and this is helping to add a way more exciting element to the whole thing.

KSI and his Boxing Victory

After his victory, KSI was given a belt. The interesting thing is that the belt was a completely made-up title. On social media, his fans were analysing the fight in a lot of detail. Joe Fournier is certainly an option and even Salt Papi has been calling him out. That being said, Jake Paul is the person that every single person wants.

Nobody expects this kind of fight to happen for quite some time though. If you are not familiar with the characters in this universe then your eyes may have glazed over by now, but that being said they are huge influencers who do put on a good fight. Right now it looks like boxing has been consumed by celebrity sideshows but KSI and Jake Paul are slowly turning things around. They are proving that it is possible for boxing to be fun and that even influencers can become good at the sport, from a legitimate standpoint.

It’s going to be exciting to see what the future holds for boxing and if there are going to be any more celebrity influencers jumping to the sport but right now, Logan Paul and KSI are doing their fair share of bringing new fans to the universe.

Going on the Attack

What’s interesting is that hundreds of thousands of people are so invested in the sporting product.  According to some reports, the KSI and Faze fight attracted over 300,000 buys for the PPV on Dazn. A KSI and Paul showdown would probably break a lot of records. The main thing to point out here is that the audience for celebrity boxing looks to be very different to the audience that is normally associated with traditional boxing. By and large, they do tend to be younger and they also follow stars as opposed to the sport.

The second point to make would be that there is a level of irony with the accusations regarding poor-quality fights. Some believe that the boxing sector is putting out boxing for the sake of boxing, but this has been woven into the very threads of boxing for quite some time. Big fights rarely happen and the product often fails to meet the hype. It has been associated with PR stunts for quite some time, so it’s not surprising to see that these fights are following the same trajectory. It’s nothing new at all, and this is a very interesting way to look at it.

Of course, only time will tell what the future holds but right now it would seem that the boxing world is changing, and some would say for the better.

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