Joe Rogan Experience workout

Workout Of The Week: The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – The Workout

This week, I put together a Joe Rogan type circuit. I am a big fan of Joe’s and everything he does. We have all seen some of his workout videos he has posted on social media, so I took a bunch of them and created a circuit based on some of the exercises from those videos.

He does a lot of kettlebell and body weight exercises, and that’s exactly what is in this routine. There are 12 exercises that you will perform back to back. Once all 12 are finished, you will take a 3- 4 minute rest and repeat the routine 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds.

Joe Rogan Experience workout

Here’s the JRE workout:

1.Negative Pullups 10 (3 count) or Hang and Hold 30-45 seconds.

2.K.B. Passing Lunges 15 Each

3.Dive Bomber Pushups 20

4.K.B Alternating Swings 15 Each

5.Knee Tucks 20

6.K.B. Halos 10 Each

7.Box Jumps 20

Nick doing alternating 1 Arm incline presses
Nick doing alternating 1 arm incline presses

8.1 Arm Alternating Incline Bench Press 15 Each

9.1 Leg K.B. Deadlifts 10 Each

10.1 Arm Alternating Clean and Press 10 Each

11.Double K.B. Straight Situps 15

12.Elliptical Sprint 1 min.

Repeat 3 x.

When you are done with the 3 rounds you will perform 3 Thai Boxing/ Tae Kwon Do style Tabatas. The time will go 20 seconds ON with a 10 second RES T repeating 10x for a total of 5 minutes for each exercise:

  1. Knees: Odd: Alternating straight up. Even: Alternating high on the sides.

  2. Striking Combos: Jab- Cross- Hook Left- Uppercut Right. Repeat for 5 rounds then go southpaw and switch to Jab- Cross- Hook Right- Uppercut Left for 5 rounds.

  3. Kicks: 1R 2L 5R 6L= Roundhouse 3R 4L 7R 8L= Spinning Side Kicks 9 = alternating roundhouse. 10= alternating  spinning side kicks.

Brian doing the spinning side kick


Make sure you stretch and use your foam roller before and after the workout for 5- 10 minutes.

Good luck and have fun!

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