5 MMA Celebrities That Adore Gambling And Make Money On It

5 MMA Celebrities That Adore Gambling And Make Money On It

Online gambling for free and for real money is one of the favorite pastimes of many people. Just using a PC or a smartphone to have fun anywhere playing in a myriad of free casino games, from slot machines to roulette, can be a really fascinating and profitable activity. Therefore, there is no surprise that gambling sector has experienced exponential growth in recent years, managing to record numbers higher than land-based casinos.

5 MMA Celebrities That Adore Gambling And Make Money On It

Nowadays, well-nigh all online players are those passionate people who spend a lot of their time in front of the screen. Anyone can have an awesome opportunity to earn a lot of money from their favorite games. If you desire to play by yourself, then you can go on this site to find best casinos and casino games.

In fact, even MMA players like the idea of ​​playing online casino games for real money. Have you ever imagined those fighters, who are sitting quietly in front of a computer, turn out to be reliable online gambling players? Who are those people?

That is what we will discuss in this article. Curious? So keep reading to the end!

UFC and Gambling

There is no link between the UFC and gambling but several important figures in this sport have something to do with gambling. Perhaps the only connection between these two things is that they are capable of increasing adrenaline.

Most UFC fans are between the ages of 25 and 40, and coincidentally, this age range is an active gambling audience. Both the UFC and gambling are aimed at those who like a challenge and the spirit of adventure combined with the chance. Both activities are also giving an ability to their fans to make a lot of easy money.

When we dig deeper into the relationship between these two sectors, we will find a fact that the UFC industry gets most of its sponsorship from the online casino industry. It is a fact that no one can dispute. Indeed, there is a mutually beneficial relationship between the UFC (and other sport institutions) and the online gambling industry, because every online gambling company needs popularity, and in most cases, the only way to gain popularity in a short period is by linking promotions to events watched by millions of people regularly.

Here is a good example of sponsorship: the UFC is sponsored by PokerStars, a provider of today’s popular online games. There are some MMA celebrities who are known to be fans of online gambling and not only that, who also make money from that.

Dana White

Dana White

Dana White is the leader of our list. He is the current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and outside of his activities at the UFC he is known as a passionate blackjack fan. As a professional blackjack player, White often bet very large sums. The average stake is $25,000. After all, he is not an amateur spender at all. He had made money from blackjack and one casino had even banned White from playing. Well, they have good enough reasons – White has won a total of $7 million in blackjack games at the casino!

Anderson “Spider” Silva

This Brazilian fighter is considered to be one of the most prominent ones in UFC history. He was a Brazilian mixed martial artist and was the longest holder of the UFC Middleweight Champion title. Moreover, he is well-known for being a fan of gambling and bookmakers, which is not a surprise. Even today Silva visits casinos where he places bets or promotes bookmakers’ sites on his social media accounts.

Conor McGregor

Numerous UFC Champion who is well-known for his acting behavior and “manner” of boxing which helped him to earn millions of dollars. Former plumber from Dublin, Conor McGregor has eventually become a UFC celebrity and a master of mixed arts. On his social media accounts, Conor shows to the public how he spends his fortune, enjoying a high-end level of life together with his family. Part of his millions are brought by gambling in online slots and sponsorships from promotion of various gambling platforms.

Terrence Chan

Terrence Chan is a former employee at a casino, but not just a regular one – he’s won $1 million playing in the game of poker. His best achievement is winning 2 SCOOP bracelets at a time. Starting his MMA career in Vancouver, he surprised all by winning his first match by a TKO.

Ricco Rodriguez

There are a few rumors that Ricco is a big fan of placing bets in casinos, and does this from time to time. His main bet was on himself! No jokes! He was so confident that he would become the next UFC Heavyweight Champion that he wagered on himself – and won, both a belt and a $40000!

In Conclusion

The relationship between the UFC and online gambling may seem strange but upon closer inspection, the “two worlds” are closely related to each other. Both UFC and online gambling are for people who like challenges and surprises. And one other thing that unites them is a large amount of MONEY. UFC celebrities are known to earn millions of dollars a year, as those who are successful in the world of online gambling. So you’ve seen the common thread right?

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