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A Quick Guide to MMA Betting: What Should You Know Before You Make Bet

MMA is a young sport in which representatives of the most unexpected martial arts can come together. With the advent of professional leagues, the UFC and Bellator, MMA betting began to rapidly gain popularity – not only the developers of casino games could not pass by, creating their own unique product and giving the opportunity to play live casino games, but also the bookmakers did not stand aside.

Types of Bets on MMA

    • the winner of the fight (regardless of the method – ahead of schedule or by the decision of the judges). Note: if the bookmaker does not offer a draw in the line (in MMA they rarely happen), when the winner is not determined at the rate, a “refund” will be made;
  • complete fight or early victory of any of the athletes;
  • the way a particular fighter wins – by classic or technical knockout, painful or choke hold, or by a judge’s verdict. In the latter case, separate bets may be offered on a unanimous or split decision;
  • victory in a specific round (title fights are limited to five rounds, the rest – three);
  • duration of the battle (total rounds).

How to Bet on MMA

Analyze the Statistics of the Fighters

There are enough resources in the network with statistics of fights of any athlete: both in English and in Russian. Pay attention to how long ago, in what weight categories and against what styles of fighters the last victories were obtained.


Learn About the Athletes’ Plans

Analyze how the fighters plan to win the fight: early or by decision. Having made the right conclusions, you can choose a profitable option for a bet in the bookmaker’s line: the odds for both a full fight (regardless of the subsequent decision of the judges) and for its early completion by either side, sometimes reach 3.0.

Compare the Styles of the Opponents

There are two main styles in MMA: striking and wrestling. Athletes of the first category try to win by knockouts due to direct punches and kicks, wrestlers are prone to throws and grabs – keep this in mind when betting on a specific type of early victory.

Explore the Rules and Limitations of a Particular Fight

In different tournaments, the rounds can have different lengths (from 3 to 10 minutes). Some fighters are more resilient (usually ex-wrestlers), others look better at short distances – they are mainly “strikers”.


Depending on the rules of a particular tournament (or fight), restrictions on the use of certain strokes or techniques may be applied.

Stay up to Date With the Latest News

In MMA, attention should be paid to even seemingly insignificant details. It is useful to monitor the social networks of fighters, journalists, promoters and the UFC. The sooner you catch the insider, the more valuable it is.

Place Your Bets on the Best Conditions

Choose the best odds (all legal bookmakers accept MMA bets). To popularize betting on the UFC, bookmakers can timed promotions, freebets, increased odds to the battle – in order not to miss all this, follow the news of the bookmakers.

Listen to Expert Opinions, Use Free Forecasts

When betting on MMA, the goal is to find underestimated odds, it is difficult to get a serious advantage using the same set of statistics that most bettors do. Read boxing predictions from independent experts and winning cuppers – you will still make the final decision on the bet, but an additional look at the same things will not be superfluous.

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