AKA 16, Donovan Beard

Donovan Beard - AKA 16 co-main event winner

AKA 16 Showcased Several Top, Young Talents

American Kombat Alliance (AKA) returned for another UFC Fight Pass show where several of the South’s top young prospects took to the cage. The 12-fight card featured five bouts on the prelims, which aired on the AKA Fights Facebook page, and the seven-fight professional card aired live on UFC Fight Pass. On the heels of AKA 15, which crowned a new professional bantamweight champion, AKA 16 would showcase the amateur bantamweight title in a fight of the night performance.

Amateur Prelims Brief Review

Garrett Bradshaw vs Brandon Hill (215lbs)

The opening bout set the fireworks for the rest of the night when Garrett Bradshaw clashed with Brandon Hill at 215 pounds. Both fighters came out of the gate active in their striking attacks. Hill landed a nice right hand that was the beginning of the end for Bradshaw. A series of strikes from Hill eventually sent Bradshaw to the mat. Hill continued his onslaught overtop of Bradshaw until the referee called a stop to the action. Brandon Hill wins via first-round TKO.

Michael Sullivan vs Trey Cox (HVWY)

In the only clash of heavyweights on the night, Michael Sullivan began the contest working his jab while fellow heavyweight Trey Cox was trying to establish his jab. Sullivan utilized the double-jab nicely a couple of times going over the top of Cox’s big right-hand attempts. In an unfortunate ending to the night, Cox threw a kick to the body and appeared to break his foot on contact. Due to the injury, the contest was called to a stop. Michael Sullivan wins via first-round TKO by doctor stoppage.

Damian Martinez vs Bradyn Lowery (Bantamweight)

Two young prospects took to the AKA cage for the night’s third contest seeing Bradyn Lowery battle Damian Martinez. Both fighters came out of their corners unleashing big leg kicks to start off their attacks. Martinez scored the first big devastating strike of the contest, sending Lowery reeling for a second. Lowery composed himself quickly and returned the favor, landing some devastating shots to Martinez. The two ended up on the mat and Lowery locked in the slick armbar to earn the victory, the night’s third-straight first-round finish. Bradyn Lowery wins via first-round submission (armbar.)

Sarah Davila vs Jessie Clark (Women’s Flyweight)

In the co-main event of the amateur portion of AKA 16, Sarah Davila entered for battle with Jessie Clark. Clark started out quick with a flurry of strikes. After grasping control of the battle, Davila pressed Clark to the cage and eventually earned the takedown. With nice transitioning on the mat, Davila eventually took the back of Clark and locked in the rear-naked choke for the four-straight first-round finish on the night’s card. Sarah Davila wins via first-round submission (rear-naked choke.)

Dimas Chapa(C) vs Austin Soileau (Bantamweight Title Fight)

After four straight bouts ending in first-round finishes, the amateur main event went all five rounds and was a classic battle from minute-one to minute-25. Champion Dimas Chapa took to the AKA cage to defend his amateur bantamweight title against a familiar foe, a man he owned a victory over, in Austin Soileau. Showcasing their top-tier talent, both of these fighters earned the respect of all the fans in attendance and watching on Facebook live. The first round saw Soileau utilize the calf kick early, giving us an insight into his game plan to slow down the very dangerous ground expert in Chapa. Soileau continued to use his jabs and crosses before slipping away. Chapa remained very patient, sizing up Soileau for the perfect shot or takedown.

Round two saw Soileau continue to work on slowing down Chapa with the calf kicks. Chapa was able to eventually get a clinch on Soileau and threw a series of knees. You could see Chapa starting to opening up a bit on his striking, working his jab. The third round saw Soileau yet again damage up the lead leg of Chapa. The game plan was paying off as Chapa’s usual quick-stepping did not seem to quite be there. With more leg kicks to come, Chapa was able to muster up a takedown attempt, which he landed near the end of the round.

Championship Rounds

The battle truly opened up when we hit championship rounds. Round four saw both fighters pick up the trash talk and pick up the big bombs being thrown. Chapa was finding his stride a bit, but it did not take Soileau long to start deflecting most of the damage. The contest came to a dangerous point for the challenger as Chapa grabbed the back of Soileau, forcing Soileau to carry all the weight of the champion who was working for a choke.

The fifth and final round saw both fighters fire their respective kicks with Soileau remaining on-point with the calf kicks. The damage was paying off for Soileau with Chapa unable to secure a takedown on two separate tries. With 10 seconds left, both fighters left it all in the cage. With the first two judges split, the third judge awarded the bout to Soileau, thus crowning a new AKA bantamweight champion. Look for both of these young fighters to find their way into the professional ranks and accel. Austin Soileau wins via split decision to become AKA bantamweight champion.

Austin Soileau (new AKA amateur bantamweight champ)
Austin Soileau (new AKA amateur bantamweight champ)

UFC Fight Pass Professional Main Card

Earnest Singleton Jr vs Mario Mancillas (Light Heavyweight)

The main card kicked off with a battle of very closely contested light heavyweights as Earnest Singleton Jr brought the fight to Mario Mancillas. Singleton kicked off the action first landing a series of kicks and narrowly missing a huge head-kick. Near the end of the round, Mancillas started to find his jab and get a bit more comfortable in the cage. The round came to an end shortly after Singleton pressed Mancillas to the cage and unleashed a few shots. The second round saw a much more aggressive approach by both fighters, Mancillas starting it all off with his leg strikes. He continued to pick up the pace against Singleton, landing some big shots now. After a brief period on the mat from a Singleton takedown, the two continued to unleash strikes leading to the end of the round.

Both debuting pro fighters made a push to the finish line sticking to their respective game plans. Singleton continued to use his Muay Thai background-striking while Mancillas worked the midsection of Singleton. With about 10 seconds left, Mancillas landed a huge strike to stick into the minds of the judges. When the decision was read, Mancialls walked out of the AKA cage as the winner. Mario Mancillas wins via split decision.

Evan Arredondo vs Damon Vincent (Featherweight)

The featherweights took to the AKA cage next with Elevation Fight Team’s Evan Arredondo taking on Damon Vincent of Gladiators Academy, making his pro debut. The bout started out with each fighter looking for their opportunity to take control. Arredondo “drew first blood” by securing the single-leg takedown. Arredondo took the advantage on the mat until Vincent landed some big shots allowing him to take Arredondo’s back. Vincent used the advantageous position to attempt a rear-naked choke. Arredondo fought through it and eventually worked his way to the top position. It was Arredondo’s turn to try the rear-naked choke, but Vincent was able to remain active and break free.

Vincent displayed solid striking in the second round and nearly connected on a massive overhand shot. Arredondo soon after pinned Vincent to the cage and scored the takedown via a trip. Arredondo locked in the body triangle and attempted the rear-naked choke again. Vincent was eventually able to fight his way free but the majority of the round was seen on the mat. The third and final frame saw Arredondo try and return the bout to the mat, but Vincent was able to throw out a nice sprawl to stuff the takedown. Eventually, the two end up on the cage with Vincent returning the battle to the mat after a back slam. The bout saw another Arredondo attempted rear-naked choke and a second big Vincent slam. When the decision was read, Vincent was announced as the winner. Damon Vincent wins via unanimous decision.

BJ Miller vs Michael Manno (Welterweight)

The hometown favorite in Michael Manno entered the AKA cage to an arousing ovation as the fans were in anticipation of his professional debut. The former AKA amateur welterweight champion stood across from BJ Miller, hoping to ruin the hometown parade of Manno. Unfortunately for Miller, the introduction of the fighters lasted longer than the bout with Manno landing a huge left hand shortly into the first round, ending the contest instantly. Michael Manno wins via knockout.

Nicholas Horton vs DJ Doyle (Welterweight)

Another AKA veteran in DJ Doyle of Fitness Fight Factory also made his welterweight debut. Would he have the same success as the man he defeated for the amateur title, Manno, in his last amateur fight? If so, it would be a bit more dramatic as Nicholas Horton was bound and determined to ruin Doyle’s night. Horton came out of his corner ready to inflict damage, landing huge strikes before the two engaged on the cage. Horton shot over several good knee strikes before securing the takedown. A second takedown was successful after Doyle returned to his feet right away. After returning to the feet, Horton grabbed a guillotine choke and dropped to the mat in hopes of better positioning for the choke. Doyle was able to survive his first professional round, but at what cost?

In the second round, we saw Doyle start out a bit more composed, landing the calf kicks. After pinning Horton to the cage, Doyle secures his own takedown. The Texas Wesleyan University wrestler was able to get the back of Horton briefly before the fight returned to the stand-up action. Getting the fight back to the mat, Doyle was able to secure the mount and land strike after strike leading Horton to tap due to the strikes. Doyle showed exactly why he has the heart of a champion and will become a very dangerous fighter in the professional ranks. DJ Doyle wins via second-round submission (tapout due to strikes.)

Niko Collazo vs Andrew Carrington (Welterweights)

The welterweights continued to shine with Shreveport’s own Andrew Carrington looking to hold firm on his home turf against Niko Collazo. Collazo looked solid, landing big strikes to start out the contest. Carrington was quick to regain his wits and wrap up Collazo along the cage and earn the takedown. Collazo attempted a choke on the mat but Carrington was able to work his way free and attempt a submission of his own on the knee of Collazo. After a great transition on the mat including another close-call submission by Carrington, he was able to lock in the smooth armbar, forcing Collazo to tapout. Andrew Carrington wins via first-round submission (armbar.)

Brandon Shavers vs Donovan Beard (Welterweight Co-Main Event)

The co-main event saw a future star born before everyone’s eyes as Donovan Beard, representing Off The Chain MMA, collided with Brandon Shavers. Beard was able to get off the first shot, landing a series of solid kicks. Shavers landed a couple of nice shots after of his own. Beard scored the fight points by landing a nice takedown and transitioning to the back of Shavers for a more advantageous approach to his finish. The fight returned to the stand-up for just a few moments before Beard scored another takedown to bring the bout back to his dominant territory. Working his way closer and closer to the finish, Beard was finally able to lock in the rear-naked choke and clinch the victory. Beard has proven over the early beginnings of his professional career that he is now a forced to be reckoned with in the welterweight division. It would be no surprise to see him compete for a championship in his near future.

Jhonoven Pati vs Chauncey Foxworth (190lbs Main Event)

The tension was thick as two of the best middleweights in the country had their sights set on the other in the AKA 16 main event. UFC Contender Series veteran Jhonoven Pati was more than ready to tangle with Off The Chain MMA veteran Chauncey Foxworth. The fight was exactly as advertised with both stars looking to implement their will from the early bell. The first round was action-packed with both fighters using their full repertoire of striking. The second round saw both fighters utilize the kick, thus far the strike of choice in the contest. Foxworth started to mix it up, landing the jab nicely. Foxworth looked in control in the second round, but the third round was around the corner with everything hinge on five more minutes.

Round three saw Pati rush into the corner of Foxworth and throw bombs before locking in a guillotine choke. Foxworth broke free and landed a strike of his own before attempting an unsuccessful takedown. Pati eventually locks in another guillotine before taking the back of Foxworth. Pati transitioned to the mount and dropped elbow after elbow onto Foxworth. It appeared “The Samoan Savage” had awoken from his slumber and was ready to feast. Foxworth remained active enough to not get the contest stopped. “The Machine” appeared to be just that as Foxworth began his march back to control, taking the back of a burnt-out Pati. Foxworth rained down shots by the dozens for what seemed like an eternity before the bell finally rang to end the round. After an amazing battle, Foxworth had his hand raised as the main-event winner. Is there a future date with middleweight champion and UFC veteran Derrick Krantz in Foxworth’s future? A fan can only hope so. Chauncey Foxworth wins via unanimous decision.

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