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Alex Barbosa diving into numerous combat sports roles, hosts USA Boxing, Dec 7 in Allentown, PA

TKO Fitness in Cherry Hill, New Jersey has become one of the hot spots where many of the regions best boxers, and fighters visit to get in some work.  Former professional boxer and now current GM at TKO, Alex Barbosa wouldn’t have it any other way.  Alex is a guy that likes to smile and bring smiles to others and never hesitates to open his door to an athlete who wants to compete in any combat sport.

Barbosa’s background is in the boxing ring and although he is not fighting anymore, he has evolved into a young vibrant voice of the sport.  Alex is the voice in the ring of King’s Boxing as well as USKA Fight Sports.  Promoting is also in his future as he has hosted numerous USA Boxing cards in his facility.  When the opportunity arose to go even larger, he did not hesitate.  He says…

“Gary Grant Jr is someone that I truly appreciate and a guy that has his paws on everything and when he called me, I couldn’t wait to put this together as we will now host a USA Boxing event during the day before the USKA Fight Sports kick-boxing/Muay-Thai card in the evening.  Both Gary and David Feldman have helped me so much.  Those are two men that are allowing me to further my experiences and resume in the sport.  We have some very big things in store for 2020.”

When I spoke with Grant the previous week in Lebanon, PA during the Art of War Cage Fighting show he told me that he reached out to several USA Boxing gyms with his idea of the full day of combat sports event and when he got with Alex, it took him less than 10 minutes to reach an agreement.  Gary was also instrumental in helping Barbosa and USA Boxing hold a previous event on a U.S. Battleship that went very well.  I think it’s natural to assume that we will see future business endeavors between these two passionate sports fans.

Please check out our interview with Alex on the link above.  You will see and hear why Barbosa is such  a big part of the future in the region’s combat sports promotions.

MyMMANews will be bringing live results from USKA Muay-Thai Takanakuy on Dec 7th as well as post fight interviews and a full recap.

Alex Barbosa

Alex Barbosa

Alex Barbosa, USKA Boxing

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