Alexander James

Alexander James takes on the Bloodsport Challenge

Since its 2018 inception, the GCW promotional event Bloodsport has captivated the fight world. The event’s unique aura and the ruleset are reminiscent of Mixed Martial Arts and Catch Wrestling’s early days, where victory is secured by knockout or submission.

After over a year hiatus and contending with a global pandemic setback, Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport is back with its third installment, as it looks to continue its hard-hitting ways brought to you by some of the top competitors from the Pro Wrestling and MMA universe.

Making his debut on the upcoming Bloodsport 3 fight card is a fighter known for administering severe torture unto his opponent, “The Pain Prince” Alexander James.  His name rings bells throughout the world for his five-star in-ring work and appealing charisma. These attributes make him a perfect candidate for the Bloodsport marquee, leaving many combat sports fans waiting in anticipation.

MYMMANEWS got the opportunity to talk with The Prince of Pain, as we get an inside look at what makes this fighter ready for the challenge!


You are among the many talented, rising stars in the Indy Wrestling circuit. Crazy fan reactions to recruitment by promoters for premiere Indy shows. From your perspective, what makes Alexandre James a draw that has garnered him mass attention?

Alexander James: I don’t think I have garnered that attention yet. I think being away from the states for so long and being mostly overseas, I’ve barely scratched the surface. But that’s the opportunity Bloodsport can provide for me, a platform to do just that.

 You are a passionate professional wrestler that loves this business. The traveling, competing, being in the moment, what makes the journey meaningful?

Alexander James: Getting to do what I’ve always wanted to since I was a kid and traveling the world while doing it.

For many, 2020 has not been a great year due to the COVID-19 crisis. The health pandemic caused major halts of various businesses, including those in Independent Wrestling. How has the current economic crisis affected your professional career? Also, how were you able to keep active and sane during these troubling times?

Alexander James: This year’s WXW 16-carat gold tournament, which is the biggest tournament in Europe, was a career highlight for me. I felt the whole world was ahead of me afterward, but that’s when the lockdowns started to happen, and I haven’t wrestled since. I’m looking at my upcoming participation at Bloodsport as my big opportunity to capitalize on what was looking to be a promising year. I kept to myself, ate right, and trained. I was very focused on training and outside projects to keep myself busy and continue to grow as a person and wrestler without being able to compete.

 Restrictions seem to be opening back up, which grants you the opportunity to Wrestling again. How does it feel to be back in action?

Alexander James: Great. Bloodsport is possibly my biggest US opportunity so far, and it’s in a style that best suites me to show my abilities. So, for this to be my first match back is very exciting, and I’ve done nothing but get ready for it these past several months.

 Have you done any shows since being allowed to wrestle again? 

Alexander James: No, I’m being very cautious about where I work with the current pandemic, so this will be my first time back.

 You touched a bit earlier about your excitement about competing at Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport 3 on October 11. Bloodsport fight bouts differ from that of pro wrestling. What drew you in wanting to compete on such a unique and brutal fight platform?

Alexander James: It’s the purest form of Wrestling to me. It’s tough, rugged, and a bit of a throwback to an older style and brings out the true sport in Wrestling that I love.

 No matter who you are up against, what makes Pain Prince James a formidable opponent going into this event?

Alexander James: I have a wealth of experience in all manners of holds. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn under many different people over the years in various submission-based practices, and I’ve incorporated it all into how I compete.

 One of the interesting revelations I’ve noticed about Bloodsport competitors is most seem to have prior training in MMA, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Catch Wrestling, and other combat sports genres. How have you been training for these events? Have you added new fight skills to your arsenal, sticking to your Pro Wrestling tactics, or revealing a fighting style you haven’t revealed to the public?

Alexander James: The style of Bloodsport is very similar to how I compete already. I don’t find myself needing to add anything to refine what I know.

What does a victory at Bloodsport do for Alexander James?

Alexander James: For me, it will be a declaration of intent in the US. To make my home aware of my abilities and open eyes of promotions here, I did overseas.

Finally, is there anything fans should be on the lookout for from Alexander James?

Alexander James: An edge I’ve found since last competing. 16 Carat was just the start of the competitor I’ve come to grow into over the past several months.


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