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Alexander Volkanovski wishes he fought a prime Conor McGregor in the UFC

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski wishes that he fought a prime Conor McGregor in the UFC.

Volkanovski is the best featherweight in the sport right now, and some even consider him to be the greatest of all time at 145lbs since he has three wins over former champion Max Holloway and a win over former long-time champ Jose Aldo. However, there was one featherweight champion who Volkanovski never fought, and that’s McGregor, who beat Aldo for the belt and then decided to move up in weight without ever defending his title.

Speaking to The MMA Fan Podcast, Volkanovski admitted that he wished he fought McGregor back when he was in his prime since he’s the only UFC featherweight champion who “The Great” never fought inside the Octagon.

“It’s pretty easy for me in saying Conor McGregor because he was in featherweight. He was a featherweight. We’ve got to remember the champions I’ve beat. I’ve beat every other champion in the featherweight division,” Volkanovski said (via “The only champ I haven’t fought in the featherweight division is Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor in his prime in the featherweight division would obviously be the all-time – I’m sure everyone would want to see that right now. If we could make that happen right now, somehow get prime Conor vs. prime Volk, it would be pretty special.”

According to Volkanovski, fighting McGregor wouldn’t be about making a lot of money, but rather because it would add to his legacy as being the greatest UFC featherweight champion of all time.

“Everyone’s going to talk about the money, and that’s why you only want that fight. Yeah, of course, there’s money in it, the circus around it, the hype, all of that. But you talk about legacy, you know then I would have beaten every featherweight champion, and I plan on having the most defenses as well,” Volkanovski said.

Who do you think would have won in their prime, Conor McGregor or Alexander Volkanovski?

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